Chances for Choate?

<li>First, What sneakers (or just shoes) do boys wear at Choate depending on each season?</li>
<li>What are my chances being admitted?</li>
<li>I had two siblings who graduated in '10 and '11, sister made deans list always</li>
<li>SSATs in 80th percentile</li>
<li>All A's for first semester in 8th</li>
<li>I go to private school</li>
<li>interview went very well, but it sounds like they do with everyone
I think I have a decent chance, but whenever I bring it up, they say, "I wouldn't be so sure, competition for boarding school is fierce!"

<p>I wouldn't be so sure, competition for BS is fierce!</p>

<p>Wow, thanks.</p>

<p>Well, it really does depend. If you're a solid applicant (EC's, teacher recs, essays, etc.) then you'll probably get a mixed bag of accepts, waitlists, and rejects. Good luck.</p>