Changing an emoticon

I wanted to change a thumbs up to a cry emoticon as it was the more appropriate emoticon, but it won’t allow the selection to be changed. Is there a time limit on that?

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Currently there is a ten minute window to undo actions (including reactions/likes) on a post. This is the default setting and it’s probably generous for most situations. How often do you go back to look at old posts you’ve reacted to?

It wasn’t old. But it didn’t seem like 10 minutes either. Not seeing why there would be a time limit in changing a reaction to a post. Seems like a reaction can be added at any time. So there is no time limit on that. Reverse should be true too.


I agree with this. The window to change the emoticon is too short, IMO. I’ve inadvertently clicked the wrong one, then gone back to the post later only to realize that it was inappropriate for the post. It’s easy to click accidentally. Also, once you click it, it can’t be undone. So if i accidentally put a thumbs up to a post I don’t like, there is no option but to leave it.


Thank you, @Lindagaf . That is exactly what happened. And I couldn’t undo/change it. The wrong emoticon sends the wrong message and potentially could upset the poster, which of course is unintentional. Why not be able to fix the mislick?

Within the ten minute window, it’s possible to undo an emoticon. Ask me how I know!

You’re right, just tried it.

Wonder if there is also a limit to how many times one theoretically could change their emoticon within that 10 minutes…. if they wanted to.

I can answer that. If you try a few times, you will get a pop up that tells you so…and that you need to wait a certain amount of time before trying again.

How many times? And how long do you have to wait? What if it then sends you outside the 10 minute window?

It is a short time to wait…maybe 30 seconds? I’ve never had trouble changing after the wait.


Don’t always catch it or notice the error right away when leaving that post to read something else. How many times does it take before that warning comes up? I agree with @Lindagaf that for the opportunity to change the emoticon, 10 minutes can be too short. JMO

I think three…

I’m having the same problem. I was re-reading a thread and noticed that I put a thumbs up on the wrong post (one I didn’t agree with) instead of the one that I did (the post below).

Is there any work around or could a moderator change it?

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No. We can’t even change our own past the time limit.

Thank you. At least it wasn’t the most egregious mistake I could have made.

This is a general time limit that covers undoing a variety of actions on a post, including liking and flagging. I looked into it and I don’t see anything that would break if I set it to a very high number (2000000000 minutes or 3,805 yr 2 mon. 3 day 21 h 20 min). So I did that and will be looking out for anything that might break. This is practically removing the restriction.

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Thank you! The edit window seemed to be longer than the emoticon change window, which could be dicey. I may well be wrong on that, though.