Choosing a MacBook for college

I am debating what computer to get for my graduation from my family. I plan on an apple product since I’m used to them. I’m studying accounting (anything business related if I change majors) and am interested in computer science (possible minor). I was looking at a MacBook Pro since it had a Touch Bar and the air didn’t. Any advice or other options that would be better?

I think either the MacBook Air or Pro would work in your situation. Both have the new M1 chip and are very powerful. There isn’t much difference in terms of performance between the two. The touch bar is rumored to be going away in the next Pro, so if you really like it, I would snag it now. (I hardly use it).

That said, a new MB Pro will be coming out soon so some sites say to hold off:

IMO, if price is any consideration and you need it now, the M1 MacBook Air would be a solid choice.


I got a Macbook Pro after graduation, it broke recently and I got the Macbook Air so I have experience with both in college. I know that the Pro seems to have more features but I’m able to do everything I need with the Air that I was able to do with the Pro. I’m a biology major and for the price, I think the Air is a better deal and is just as good. If you were perhaps a film major or in photography, then the Pro would probably be the better option because it’s known for its editing quality. They are both great though! And even though the air doesn’t have the touch bar, it does still have touch ID! Hope I could help
in any way!

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“The M1 chip has known compatibility issues with Window’s-based virtualization software that many of our faculty and students utilize in class to run Windows-only applications, such as Excel Add-ons.” That’s from WakeWare page regarding the new mac M1 chip. We’re waiting to see what happens and then decide to go with Intel MBP or M1. Should be an M1 chip in a 16inch MBP in next reboot. You can get MBA or MBP and they will perform well in most situations but the big difference is the MBP has a fan so things don’t slow when you are grinding on something using lots of processor power.


So any computer will be fine for the most part. Many kids like mine didn’t go apple at all and went with windows based laptops BTW…

Strong hint : Certified Refurbished Products - Apple

This is the official Apple store outlet. Many of these were just returned. Same warranty. Same extended if you get it. I have bought many iPad and computers from here at a discount (some decent deals) without any issues. The point is it’s the same warranty. You have an issue being it in to a store and they fix it. Some interesting configurations.

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Make sure if you buy new you go through the Apple Education Store!!! Also if you can wait towards the start of the school year, Apple has been giving free Beats headphones with purchase.

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Apple recommendations at Northwestern.

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I’m so sorry to hear yours broke! I don’t think Apple is even that great but I don’t wanna learn new microsoft apps haha. Thanks!

Thanks for letting me know a new one is coming out! I’m not too up to date on those things so I appreciate it!

It drives me crazy when computers overheat or sound like they will explode when all I’m doing is running a few apps-something it should be able to handle for $1k! It’s good to hear that the MBP is better in that situation. Thank u!

I would love to get it at a discount but I have terrible luck with refurbished products made by Apple. Thank u though!

I’ve heard of the student discount but have no idea what the Apple education store is. Sorry can u explain it please haha

Thanks super helpful! Wish I looked there sooner

Apple Education Store

It’s the education pricing store. Usually $100 or more off. But the best deal is this pricing with the freebies offered when the do the college promo.

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Oops I realized I was already shopping on that site. I don’t wanna know what the original price is yikes!

Check with whichever school you or your child is going to. For my daughters there is a store for each of their schools and some have the extra warranty coverage for the four years. They also offer the education pricing.

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