Christopher Newport- Early Action 2023

Starting a post to see who is in the Early Action pool and if any there are any comments or questions.

My daughter just applied! Good luck to you!

Good luck to the EA applicants! It is just a matter of waiting until the January 15 notification date.

Notifications are sent by postal mail, correct? Does anyone know if anything appears on the Captains Bridge page or somewhere else online?

I read on the 2018 Early Action thread, someone posted that they do not post it online.And it came the Friday before the 15th by “postal mail” Jan 10th would have been a Friday in 2018, this year its Jan 11th.
i dont know for sure, but that is what was said

exciting, but certainly nerve wracking. is this your daughter’s first choice?

Did any one receive an envelope today?!

My son received acceptance yesterday. CNU isn’t his first choice, but a solid option. He was excited, but still waiting on his top choices.

Where are you located? We did not get a response yet.

central Virginia

Accepted EA, with 32 ACT, 3.8 GPA, 4 years varsity sports, and good ECs.

D was accepted today! EA and we’re in northern Virginia. (The envelope did not show up in Informed Delivery.)

NOVA girl accepted today!!! 4.28 WPA +1300 SAT

Was it received by mail or online?

Received acceptance in MD yesterday by mail .

Received letter on Saturday. Accepted, in-state.

32 ACT, 1330 SAT, 3.17 GPA, good essay and ECs

Is anyone still waiting on CNU ? My teen is impatiently waiting.

My son received his acceptance on Monday. You should probably call admissions. I believe the same thing happened to someone last year and admissions said they would send it again. Perhaps they will tell your student the decision over the phone. We live about 30 miles away and there were folks from further away who received their letters earlier than we did.