Class of 2023- Scholarships/ Financial Aid

Scholarship/ Financial Aid notifications for the class of 2023

Disappointed by the scholarship/ Aid letter. My S only got $7K in scholarship. They expect parents to pay $60K per year… Give me a break!! Thank you very much… time to focus on other colleges. I was enthusiastic about RHIT after reading rave reviews and visiting the institute twice. I guess, not for us!! Good luck all the parents who got good scholarships. It seems like we are done with Rose :frowning:

We were also very disappointed and a bit surprised at the low amount of aid our son received.

Same here. I sent in my FAFSA late so it wasn’t on the aid package, but I only got $14K in scholarships a year.

I was really hoping to bring the annual bill down to $50K and then stretch myself to put my S through RHIT. But, $63K/ year is unrealistic, given that he got selected at Purdue as well. Oh well! maybe this school was not meant for him. Good luck to those who are going and can afford it!

Rose is not known for academic merit scholarships. Most students who are admitted are high achieving and deserving.
They seem to get enough students to attend every year who make it work financially. My son received $22,000 yearly merit being a National Merit Finalist and Rose was his clear favorite. He is a freshman now and is enjoying campus, his close knit dorm, and his classes. We did prepare with starting a 529 college plan when our kids were young and have a 2 salary family, but I can say that we don’t regret tackling the higher tuition. I just may have to work another year or two longer than originally planned.

Are you all viewing FA through Banner Web? Email says that a code from a paper mail is needed to log in, but we still have not received a paper award. Thanks.

Update: Rose would be $37K a year for me, not including loans. And my family has a EFC of zero. No way can we afford that.

@StillLotsToLearn You may want to call the financial aid office. We are in the Northeast and received the letter with pin number (code) a couple days before the email that included sign in for the Banner Web. Date of letter was January 14th

^^ I want to add that my family only makes $22K a year, so 37K a year is actually outrageous.

@waitpast12, thank you – that’s the info I needed. The email sounded like the letter should have arrived, and I wanted to confirm that. I will call on Monday.

Has anyone heard back for the Class of 1940 scholarship?

Our student was contacted about an interview for additional merit scholarship. I don’t know for sure if this was the Class of 1940 or something else.

Got aid of 37,000 dollars. Still need to pay about 33k. Is it worth it?

Depends on what you’re comparing to. Your state school is probably cheaper but a very different experience. That’s a good price for any private college and any out of state public college-- all without aid. Compare what aid you got and then see. Some people aren’t made for RHIT and some are.
My feeling is that if they gave you such a good scholarship, they probably see you as a good fit. Are you focused and interested in your major? Do you like close living with people you will get to know well? Do the extra curriculars and sports at RHIT match your skills and interests? Only you know this. But, yeah, that’s a good chunk of money.