College of Charleston EA Class of 2024 Honors

Thought I’d start a thread for early action applicants to College of Charleston honors college. DS20 applied on 10/30, including the HC app. We are in New England, and he was just invited to an online interview with someone from the Honors program, so he set it up for next week. The invite stated that it wasn’t mandatory–more informational. Not sure if it means anything. We’ve never visited, but have friends whose kids have attended CofC and loved it. If he gets in, we will definitely make the trip!

@CTCape My New England D20 applied as well. Still working on the honors application though. We have visited and it’s a great area. Can’t blame these Northern kiddos for wanting to get somewhere warmer!!!

@mamawitch I know, right?! All of a sudden it’s freezing and gray, just as we turned back the clocks. Someplace warm sounds amazing right now. I’m looking forward to making the trip to Charleston if DS gets in. Waiting to find out before spending the $ on travel.

@CTCape My S19 is at UF and I’m very jealous right now!! D didn’t want to go that far or big. CofC is the farthest and largest school she applied to. She still wants some winter, but not the 6-7 months we get here in ME!! I’m looking forward to going to some accepted student days at the schools she gets into. Definitely a different feeling for them knowing they’re in compared to deciding if they want to apply.

Has anyone heard when decisions are being released?

@alogan I’m pretty sure EA notification date is Jan 15th and Honors is Jan 31st.

If we applied early action and honors will we hear from the school on the 15th and then ALSO the honors college on the 31st or just one notification on the 31st?

@corchard I’m pretty sure admissions decisions come before honors. Not 100% sure of dates.

@corchard My guess would be yes, separate notifications. There will be kids who get into the school, but not honors. I found the dates on the CofC website.

Joining in the wait … S20 EA HC . I don’t know who is more excited. Looking forward to seeing many happy post in the near future!!!

Has anybody gotten asked to apply for the departmental scholarships yet? Thought it was a bit weird to get that email without being accepted, especially if the date the application is supposed to be complete is the day we get our decisions for the Honors College…

@wildem My DS got that email yesterday. I was curious about the timing as well.

Waiting to see if the invitations to the interview weekend get sent out soon. That would be a reasonable explanation for sending the scholarship applications early.

Called admissions office- they said they’re releasing some decisions tomorrow at 6. Check your emails!

@wildem613 , do you know if that’s just for honors college applicants? My son applied EA but not for honors. I hadn’t thought he’d hear anything until January but earlier would be great (hoping for good news)!

He also got that departmental scholarship email but when he clicked on his intended major (computing in the arts) it added a bunch of short essays about why math is important to him…and math is not his thing, so he didn’t complete it. Hope they are serious that it has no bearing on acceptance…

It’s actually for just EA admission!! Figured I would post it here for honors college kids too :slight_smile:

That would be like a month early. Is that usual?
Now I’m nervous for him!!

See, a lot of the schools where I’m from (NC) have released their decisions very early, like App State. My question is why we’re getting our decisions early, because they are supposed to release decisions for the honors college interview weekend by the end of december? I’ll check tonight at 6 and see what the email says. Good luck to your son! Please let me know what happens :smiley:

For those who have received the email about applying for departmental scholarships, I have a question for my DS about one of the questions on the application. He hasn’t filled it out yet, but he clicked on the major he applied for (Econ), as well as 2 other potential majors he’s interested in (Finance and Pol Sci). This generated additional department-specific questions listed under “Business School Opportunities”. The first question was straightforward (“500 words on why you should receive a business school scholarship.”), but the second question was worded strangely: “Please address your eligibility requirements that may not be reflected in your transcript.” Eligibility for the business school scholarships? Eligibility for CofC in general? We aren’t sure what they are referring to, as no eligibility requirements are listed. Thoughts about what eligibility they might be referring to?

I would email the financial aid department and ask. I’m assuming it means for the business school scholarships, but you never know. Couldn’t hurt to ask!