Comments on New Forum

Topic is self-explanatory. Feedback is welcome. :slight_smile:

definately a lot better than the old ones.

Registering is a bit of a hassle, though. :-D… But it’s GREAT!

// EDIT: Minus the posting restrictions of 60 seconds <em>shakes fist</em>

The registration took me a good 15 minutes. And the 60 seconds thing is a â– â– â– â– â– . I cans ee why, but 60 seconds is a lot of time. 30 seconds might more feasible.

Otherwise, it’s kick-ass! I love that you reorganized the alphabetical listing and you named the schools “CC’s top” instead of the arbitary USNews top 25.

It’s great. The section on international students is definitely needed.

and what’s up with the GMT… over 60% of the people here are eastern.

Eastern or Mountain…

i dont like the fact that pushing the “refresh” button refreshes the thread. I always found it convenient in the old thread that this would bring me back to the main board. But i suppose your new URL system forbids this… oh well. I do like how fast the new CC is, though.

I prefer the old one - perhaps it was “archaic” but I liked the emphasis on the poster’s message as opposed to profile, look at my avatar, email people here, IM them there, and actually thought that was intentional. Won’t it get a bit too personal this way, like the pr boards?
It’s also too bad that posts couldn’t be transferred, because a LOT of the stuff back there was extremely valuble and will now be pushed into obscurity.
But I’m addicted, so i’ll be crazy active here anyway :slight_smile:

the new forum is sexxxxyyyy

kinda like me

someone has no shortage of self confidence

no, i’m actually being modest

lol you crack me up

A few quick notes:

<li>Default Time IS set to Eastern Time. You can change your personal time setting in My Profile - Edit Options</li>
<li>Not sure why registration took 15 minutes - was that the lag in e-mailing the password?</li>

Thanks, I fixed the time thing.

It probably took so long because I changed my email address.

its a lot better than the old forum. Perhaps there should be user levels for post counts?


1-15 posts - Safety School
16-40 posts - State School
41-100 - LAC
100-200 - Top 25 School
200-300 - Ivy League
301-400 - Harvard
401-500 - Oxford
501+ Cambridge

just an idea.

Yea that’d be cool.

Except I don’t really agree with Harvard being above ivy league… and Oxford above harvard… but the concept is a good one.

I would put LACs above Top 25 Unis, too.

I just kinda threw names out there. Yeah it should be edited up though.

I miss encomium! I can’t use him because I deleted encomium’s original email! Now I have to use encomiumII

I’ll throw my vote in for lowering the post time limit. For the forums I used to run, the time limit was imposed because of bots spamming threads rapidly. I think a limit of 20 seconds is perfect.