Cornell class of 2024 Transfer Option

For the people who got the Transfer Option, did you all apply for ED? Can you tell me your stats? A junior in hs here, who just found about this option:)

Do you guys know by any chance how much students are offered a TO?

If you are on the waitlist, could you write a letter of continued interest indicating that you would also like to be considered for the transfer option?

I applied RD. Because of the situation, I don’t have SAT scores, but my GPA is about a 4.3. I read everywhere that interviews are optional and don’t help at all, but I got one and I’m 100% convinced it’s the reason I didn’t get flat out rejected.

Wait did everyone receive the transfer option on the date of release or did some people get it after in some sort of an update letter after being rejected? I saw something about it on CollegeVine so I was wondering if anyone knew anything.
An Introduction to Guaranteed Transfer Programs.
“If you apply to Cornell and are rejected, shortly afterwards, you may also receive what Cornell calls a “transfer option letter.” Cornell decides who receives these letters based on their standard first-year applications — you don’t have to do anything special to be considered. You also don’t have to do anything to officially accept this option — it’s simply available to you if you choose to use it later on”

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Ive only heard of waitlisted students getting it after getting waitlisted?

I’m waitlisted and I really want the transfer option…

My daughter applied ED @livelifeokay and was deferred and then received a TO option to attend Dyson. However, she was not waitlisted, but rather, an outright TO option for the fall of 2022. Not the outcome we really wanted but it is a viable path for those who are genuinely interested in attending Cornell.
Stats: 4.2 W GPA
ACT 33 (super score, only took it twice)
Tons of leadership and athletic awards, etc
Top 10% of class

Hope this helps and good luck to you and good for you doing your research early!!

It’s actually better than being waitlisted. The odd to get off the WL is very slim. TO is almost guaranteed as long as you meet the GPA requirement.

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Were any TO’s accepted yesterday to ILR and CAS?

Pretty much all were accepted for ILR and CAS. Haven’t heard any rejections for TO yet.

Wow, that’s great to hear! Good luck everyone!

Did the class of 2024 have a short essay to write or is it a new thing for class of 2025?