Cornell class of 2024 Transfer Option

@christysha Congrats!!! Thanks for telling me, as I also did not get a confirmation email and I filled it out a week ago.

Of course & thank you! @prscustom24

Didn’t get a confirmation email either! Hopefully they’ll send out another email shortly notifying us of the next steps to take and we’ll all go from there.

Also, is anyone down to start a groupme or group chat? Or is there already one?

Im also interested in either starting/joining a groupme

i haven’t actually decide whether i would apply for it since i prob wont be able to afford it

I know it’s been a while, but I just made this discord for fellow TOS: https://■■■■■■■■■■/BXuadE.

@lightningzoom The link for the discord doesn’t seem to be working?

@lightningzoom can you resend the code?

Has anybody heard something or gotten an email lately regarding the TO? I was offered one from CALS and I haven’t gotten any update emails from them since June 19.

@Haydenh9401 I haven’t heard anything since that email either. I’m assuming we’ll just have the transfer application sent to us in December. I was offered the TO for CALS as well.

@Haydenh9401 I got an email from CALS on Sept 4th, but it just said that they are looking forward to working with you as a TO candidate

I made a discord server for us Transfer Option Candidates, I’d think it would be a good idea to have a community as we navigate this process!

Discord: ■■■■■■■■■■/ASxPwhUm

I also made a GroupMe, whichever one has more people we can use primarily

GroupMe: ■■■■■■■■■■■/join_group/64051742/xqCh9UkH

For the two links, CC is acting up and starring out the root of the link so I had to reformat it a bit, lmk if any of u guys are having trouble!

the link root is just groupme . com had to space it out so that it doesn’t get starred out

Would you be able to resend the groupme or discord link?

https://discord. gg/gcfCDpnBpz Here’s a discord link too that never expires! The last email I got was in October, but I just emailed admissions today to change the major I would be transferring into. (There’s a space between discord and .gg since it says it’s not allowed w/o the space)

For the CALS people (not sure what the essay is like for other schools), how long are your essays going to be? I didn’t see any guidelines on how long it should be.

can you resend the link? it doesn’t work for me!