CU Boulder vs Miami OH vs Iowa Tippie vs Purdue vs Penn State vs South Carolina Moore School for Business

Son is trying to decide between these schools. Majoring in Business (Finance/Econ Concentration with double major/minor in Data Analytics).

He got scholarships to Tippie, Miami, South Carolina and Purdue (but very small amount). Nothing from PSU; still waiting on Colorado.

Any thoughts/opinions are appreciated.

Net price at each, and does the difference matter?

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Which schools have direct admission to his major? PSU Smeal isn’t a direct admit and Finance has higher criteria.

Econ is not the same as Finance. Finance is usually in the business school and is typically a more difficult admit.

All are fine for business. No bad choices. Should come down to fit and cost if that’s a concern.

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Thank you.

In terms of cost, Iowa is the cheapest because he got more scholarships. Miami is next, followed by Purdue, and PSU. However, he got into CLA at PSU so as you said he would need to gain admittance to Smeal.

We are still waiting to hear from Colorado on financial aid.

I think he liked Miami because of its undergraduate teaching focus. Also its business school is pretty highly regarded. However, compared to other schools, Miami is not as highly ranked. I know some say that the overall rankings don’t really mean much but wanted to get other peoples thoughts.

If he likes Miami the most and it’s affordable send the deposit. Kids do better when they’re happy and they find where they fit.

Miami is an excellent school. If he does well and has some internships the outcome should be no different than the other schools.


My daughter is deciding between many of the same schools. Currently leaning toward SC with all that DMSB has to offer + great merit scholarship.

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Please note that you cannot get in to Penn State Smeal from the College of Liberal Arts. Only path to Smeal is direct admit or DUS (Division of Undergraduate Studies).


Thanks. This is good to know. Honestly PSU is probably low on the list due to the lack of merit aid, but I will let my son know.