Duke-Kunshan University Class of 2022

Woke up to this:
Thank you for your interest in Duke Kunshan University’s undergraduate degree program. After careful review of your application for admission, we would like to invite you to interview with a member of the Duke Kunshan University team. Congratulations on this achievement!

I got the interview invite as well!

I just got an interview invite as well! Does anybody know what kind of questions they might ask?

@iceviolin I had an interview with other universities and the interview is always catered towards your application. There will most likely be questions along the lines of: Why DKU? Why China? How can you contribute to the community? Tell me about yourself. Why do you want to take this subject? What are you good/not good at? etc.

There might be a few odd questions like “Why do you want to go to this school but not the other schools you applied to?”, or something along the lines of “If you had to recommend one book or movie to a person, what would you recommend?”. I even had one interviewer for a different university ask “You did not apply Early Decision, what made you doubt our school?”.

There are other questions that came up on my interviews that wouldn’t have been asked if I didn’t mention some piece of information. For example I talked about the difference between educational systems, and the interviewer asked “What have you done to change the system in your country”.

I don’t exactly know what the interview will be like for DKU, but I am positive it will be something along these lines.
I hope this helps.

Wow so all of us got interviews?

Got an interview invite on March 1. Anyone who’s done their interview already?

@LolissAantya mine’s scheduled for tomorrow

@LolissAantya I just had the interview. The interviewer had read my application before so I did not have to spend time talking about my backstory and everything. Questions regarding my essays came up as well as “How would you contribute to the community in DKU?”, “Favourite subject/course”, questions about my internship, questions about me learning languages etc. I asked him a few questions as well. Overall I think it went well, a little too short for my liking but that’s maybe because I keep comparing this interview to the other ones I have had.

@momentousmeerkat same. This was my first interview where the interviewer made direct references to pieces of my application. I guess they wanted to save time? It only last 40 mins while the others have averaged 1hr 30.

Mine was about 30 mins. Similar questions to the ones that users above have noted. Very pleasant interview and I’m excited to hear back…

Hi everyone!
I also applied to Duke Kunshan, i am from California, USA. Did anyone from USA receive a notification for interview? Because I didn’t receive any.

@StressedMaya, I think @Changi17 is from the US, and they got the invitation, I might be wrong though. Either way, don’t stress about it, I think they will be sending the invites out until the 14th of March because that is the deadline for the interviewer reviews to be submitted.

@momentousmeerkat thanks, I just can’t help worry about it since I haven’t received any notification from them except the one that said that I have submitted my application

@StressedMaya I’m applying from the east coast of the US, so we won’t have the same interviewer, but less than 24 hours after receiving my notification my interviewer sent out a list of times, and I am under the impression that she sent them same list to all of her students, meaning that all notifications went out around the same time. If you haven’t already, I would definitely suggest that you email them and check your spam for anything they may have already sent you. Hope everything works out.

@jroseduhon thanks for the advice, I just emailed them. Waiting for them to reply back. I think it might be because they didn’t shortlist me :frowning:

Your interviewers probably told you all this, but since nobody mentioned it I thought I would post it just incase anybody’s interviewer didn’t tell them: final decisions will definitely be out no later than March 31, and they’re hoping to get them out sooner because the tentative dates for the admitted student “fly-out” are April 24-28. Best of luck to everyone!

@jroseduhon thank u for sharing, my interviewer didnt mention that

Hey all! US applicant here!

I had my interview last Tuesday.

I definately think we can expect decisions to come out earlier than March 31st since those who get accepted and choose to attend the “fly-out” event will need time to get their Chinese visa and to plan the logistics of the trip in general. Getting the visa especially takes time (somethings up to 2 weeks), so DKU definately wants to make sure admitted students have enough time to get it to be able to visit.

Why do I feel like DKU is the type of school to only notify the accepted students of their admissions decision and leave everyone else on read

@Kh521k I feel like they might send out the acceptance emails first but they will eventually notify everyone of their decision. Also, they might make a considerably long waitlist because it’s hard for them to judge what their acceptance to enrollment ratio will be.