Duke-Kunshan University Class of 2022

I am an international applicant who applied to DKU. I realised that there is no discussion for DKU undergrads as this will be the inaugural class, so figured it would be useful to make one. Feel free to post your stats and other info! Best of luck to everyone!

International Applicant. Extensive experience in Southeast Asia including an internship this past summer in Singapore. I’m very involved with journalism and photography and work as a freelance photographer for several local companies. Good academics (GPA>4.0) with good AP Scores from last year (2 5’s and a 4), and am currently taking 4 AP courses. ACT 33. Other interests include Mandarin, and I have extensive volunteer experience working with agriculture (organic farming, food sourcing, and sustainable landscape design.) Incredibly excited by the prospect of living in China and using it as a jumping off point for the rest of my career. Hope this helps, and wishing you all the best!

@momentousmeerkat @Changi17 hey!! DKU applicant from South Africa here, where are you guys from?

@Kh521k US applicant here! Nice to see other people interested in DKU.

@Kh521k I’m from Ukraine, Eastern Europe.

Does anyone know if DKU conducts interviews? Did anyone get an invite?

Hi! Applicant from Myanmar here!. @momentousmeerkat I heard that the interview invities will be out by the end of February. So fingers crossed that all of us get shortlisted.

I sent an email to them regarding the interviews, apparently they are being sent out early March, so fingers crossed.

@momentousmeerkat @tiaslytherin @Changi17 can we all report back here if we get an interview request so the rest of us know whether we’ve made the shortlist?

Sure! Will keep you all apprised.

Yep! I will keep you posted!

I’m an applicant from Durham, NC (where Duke University is) and an article was recently published in a local newspaper about Duke Kunshan admissions that might give us some insight on why shortlist notifications might be a little late: http://www.heraldsun.com/news/local/counties/durham-county/article200601389.html

@jroseduhon thanks for the update!

@jroseduhon Thank you for the article - very interesting. My daughter applied, but if I tell her I signed on here, she might get cranky with me. But this is such a great resource for information. DKU seems like a wonderful opportunity for all you young people - I wish you all the best of luck! Applying to college was not this stressful or complicated when I went to college many years ago. I am impressed with all the work you must devote to this next chapter of your lives!

@momentousmeerkat @tiaslytherin @Changi17 Hey guys, today my guidance counselor received a small box with chocolate from DKU (he’s never had any contact with them before). Did this happen to anyone else?

@Kh521k That’s so sweet of them! No, I don’t think mine did, but then again the postal services in Ukraine aren’t great.

Hey guys, an early applicant here from Serbia. I am looking forward to meet anyone that gets in. I am really excited to study in China because it is such a different culture than mine. From my experience there was an interview and a week after the interview they informed me that I got in. I wish you all the luck in the world because I believe Duke Kunshan is an amazing place. If you have any questions that I can answer feel free to ask :slight_smile:

@Uros Congratulations! Did you apply Early Decision?

Does anyone know how many international applicants were accepted early decision?

I don’t think mine did as well. But, my school recently changed address so maybe thats why. @Kh521k

I got my interview invitation email about three hours ago