Duke Kunshan University. Class of 2024

Hello everybody.

This discussion is for prospective students applying to Duke Kunshan University. Please feel free to share your experiences, profile, interest in DKU, and ask any questions regarding the admission process.

Good luck!

Hey Jeff! I’m so glad you created this group. @DKUBailey and I are current undergraduate students at Duke Kunshan University, and we are willing to answer all of your questions about academics, student life, admissions, our relationship to Duke, and life in China!

Current gap year student who’s heading to DKU with the Class of 2024, feel free to ask any questions about deferring from DKU for a year, and I can talk about that whole process (and why I’m doing it)!

Hello! I am an international student from Central Asia. My GPA is 4.0and SAT 1360. Is there a possibility that I can be admitted to DKU?
Thank you in advance.

Hi there Esmerelda! I’m so excited that you’re interested in DKU. I’m a first-year student here and I can attest that it’s an amazing place to be! As far as admissions go, your stats are strong, but DKU has a holistic admissions process, so admissions officers consider a lot more factors than just GPA and SAT scores. For more information, please check out the following link:


I hope this helped!


Hi Bailey, thanks a lot for your response. I have one more question. I have heard that there are full tuition scholarships at DKU. Does DKU provide any full-ride scholarships?

I’m working on my application right now and I really would love to go to DKU. I wish we got to know their stats like SAT and GPA median + range. I have a 1200 and 3.1 GPA unweighted. I took full Ib. Good luck everyone

I’m curious @DKUBailey what studying Chinese has been like for you. I took Chinese for a year in my high school and then didn’t learn past mandarin 1. I then studied Chinese on my own after that and learned how to speak pretty well but I can’t write. What’s your experience in Chinese courses at DKU?

@Esmeralda78 I did have the chance to talk to one of the admissions people and they said that their 50% range is 1410-1520. I honestly think that your scores wont be a huge factor; after all, the school’s primary focus is diversity and intellectual curiosity. I’m applying RD too. Best of luck to the both of us!

@Esmerelda78 DKU’s maximum scholarship is full-tuition, so no full-ride scholarships.

@krod2902 My Chinese class is my favorite course! It’s incredibly fast-paced, probably 3x as fast-paced as my Spanish course in high school. Sometimes it’s challenging, but I love the experience of learning in the classroom and then practicing the language in real-life situations. During orientation, students with Chinese experience take a placement test and are placed into the appropriate level. I came to DKU with no knowledge of Mandarin, so I’m currently taking Chinese 101. Already, I can order food on my own, hold a light conversation with my cab driver, talk about my family and my classes, make plans, tell time and more. The Mandarin that we learn is useful in daily life so I’m able to retain information much faster because it’s information that I’m constantly using outside of the classroom.

@DKUBailey 请问你在昆山杜克主修什么?我很好奇那里到底有什么选择,而且哪个选择最好。谢谢

@DKUBailey That’s actually really cool and thanks for the fast response. It sounds like a great opportunity to be able to practice Chinese every day and also always learning. I hope I go to DKU!

When going to DKU do you have to go for all four years? Or can you spend your freshman year there and transfer to the main campus if Durham?

@imstressed28374 在昆山杜克大学我的专业方向是全球化中国研究。除了中文课以外,上个学期我学了中国历史,现在我学习中国哲学。不仅这些课很有意思,而且我的老师们非常有帮助的。这些课对我选专业起到了很大的帮助。

@DKUBailey 哇啊啊,你的中文已经这么好;昆山杜克的中文果然特别强。如果你不介意回答的话,我还有几个问题想问你:你为什么选上了昆山杜克大学?我听过美中关系越来越不顺利,让我有点担心你那边的中国人不会接受美国人。除了关系之外,中国又很远。我到底想知道为什么?尤其是因为关系/距离这两方面。还有呢,你的Stats是什么?昆山杜克的admissions没有告诉我那里的学生具备的素质是什么,所以你的stats就会提高我的了解。谢谢!!

@lskhdbfva Great question! As a DKU student, you are expected to study in Kunshan but you will have the opportunity to study at Duke in North Carolina during your junior year, in either your fall or spring semester. In addition, students may also choose to study there for one six-week summer term. DKU students also have the opportunity to study abroad at locations other than Duke for a regular semester and/or during the summer.

Surprised that DKU doesn’t offer any full-ride scholarships. So with a maximum tuition scholarship, such a student would still expect to pay roughly between $15K-$20K per year?

I thought I read last year that each DKU student has the option of spending his or her junior year at Duke; however, I read now that only one semester of study is offered at Duke during the junior. Has this been a recent change in the DKU undergraduate program?

Heyyy I’ve got deferred email from DKU for applying ED. Is there anyone who also got deferred or rejected???