Early Action - Class of 2024 Full Discussion Thread

This thread is for discussion in anticipaton of Early Action decisions coming out in February 2020.

anyone have word on a speculative date/ when they released last year? Or are we really gonna have to wait until the 22nd or whatever date they said

If I remember correctly last year was right on the date.

But last year was the first year of early action. So we are all hoping this year they are ahead of schedule a bit and fingers crossed maybe the week prior. But we honestly have absolutely no clue.

I don’t understand why there is only 2 weeks between EA and RD? Makes no sense. Going forward they should either have an earlier due date for apps or have decisions by Jan 31

As I mentioned in other threads, remember Early Action is new for them and a new process. They have given themselves time to get it right - but hopefully they are continuing to learn and this year they find they get done faster. So while they set the date the same as last year we are hoping (blindly) that maybe they find they can get out earlier this week.

I don’t think they like that 2 week difference but they have to learn how to get it done efficiently so they can expand that window.

A two week difference surprised me too. UVA had targeted issuing their EA by Feb. 15 and they sent theirs out Jan. 31. Hopefully VT can get theirs out earlier as well.

As a parent who has a child with 10 decisions in hand and waiting on VT, is has been a bit of a drag. we scheduled an Engineering Open House tour for March 30 in case he does get in (and also will be his second and final visit).

I wonder if there is any factual data out there of the effect having a later decision date, effects their yields. If anything, it may put pressure on students to put deposits on their #2 or #3 choices while waiting for VT.

There may be some method to their madness re: dragging out EA results as long as they can. The longer it takes the more likely it may be that applicants will matriculate to another school - effectively paring down the EA applicant pool to students who VT can be more confident in accepting their offer.

@HappyNJ We are one of those to have to put deposit out. ED 2 for RIT acceptance is due February 15th. Putting the money out just in case waitlisted or don’t get into VT. Seeing UVA put info out now makes me cross my fingers we hear sooner but I’m not counting on it.

@2019boston It looks like you did ED2 for RIT? That is binding so if you were accepted, you need to withdraw all other apps including VT.

Assuming 2019boston applied for FA, Feb 15 would be the deadline for accepting or declining the FA offered, and then withdrawing other apps if the FA is sufficient.

I hope they release it early, I was borderline in on ED but I got deferred so the wait is killing me. Hope I get in general engineering but we’ll see. Fingers crossed and hope it’s within the next 2 weeks!

@Nats2019Champs what were your stats?

Like others we are waiting on VT. D got through to 2nd round of Davenport Leadership scholarship and we were told via email we would find out the final decision on Feb 20th. I think in prior years these notifications were sent out after the admissions decisions but not 100% sure.
D has acceptances from Purdue, WPI, U of Delaware, U of Maryland (CP) and Rutgers already - waiting on Vanderbilt (stretch), RIT, U Mass at Amherst and VT. Declined at GA T and deferred at Case Western Reserve.
Lead choices right now are between Purdue, WPI and VT (if she gets accepted!) but COA is likely to play a part in the final decision. Got good merit from WPI but still more than Purdue for OOS where we got no help from a cost perspective.

@stepl100 how were her stats if you wouldn’t mind telling?

White Male
In State (Northern VA)

1420 Superscore (730M/690Eng)

4.03W (school doesn’t technically calculate it but I have a 3.79 UW if I were to calculate it)

64/641 Rank

8 APs, 8 Pre-APs (my school doesn’t half weight them and these are considered the honors courses, my school not adding a gpa boost to these classes is why there seems to be a GPA gap between many of the GPAs on this forum and mine)

Straight A’s my junior year with 5 APs (YTD GPA of 4.71 in my junior year)

Senior year: Civil Eng (PLTW, counts as an AP course in my school), AP Physics C, AP Calculus AB, Eng 12, Us & VA Gov, Engineering Design and Devlopment (PLTW), Compute Information Systems

Captain of Varsity golf team, Seaperch robotics and competed at the national level, NHS, BETA, Vex Robotics, FBLA

Legacy if that helps (Father majored in engineering and graduated in 91)

Was told in the ED thread these were borderline in and based on what I’ve seen at my school I was the kid with the highest stats deferred from general engineering. The naviance chart at my school also shows lots of people with my stats get in. So fingers crossed I hope this is enough

@Volty123 - Our D stats: wGPA 3.95, uwGPA 3.75, 4 APs, ACT 32 Superscored. Many strong ECs w leadership positions (President Marching Band, FIRST robotics team leader), volunteer work, charity support etc… May not be enough for the Davenport Leadership scholarship at VT but we’ll see.

@Nats2019champs - sounds to me like you should make it with EA.

I don’t think those are borderline, they look more than enough to get in. I have a Hispanic friend who got in with a 3.8 and 1360 and another guy who got in with a 3.8 and 1370. But there are a lot of factors that go into it I guess.

I think nat2019champs stats are a shoe in about anywhere but Northern Virginia. Competition in fierce for spots up there. @volty123 I’m not sure where your friends reside but those numbers in Northern Virginia are probably a little low … but there could be holistic factors (like the one being Hispanic) which may have helped them.

… and my impression is that nat2019champs was right on border at Early Decision but will be well within the Early Action group.