Fall 2022 Moderator Election

A bit about me now.

I’ve been a member since the end of 2017, when D19 started the college admissions process.

After returning to the USA to do my PhD, I spent a good amount of time in academia as a grad student, a post-doc, and a non-TT faculty member at a number of public universities. I left academia a few years back, but have returned as a trailing spouse, and am teaching at another very large public flagship. My daughter is now a senior, and is starting her grad school applications, so the college years do continue in some way.

I joined because I did not grow up in the USA, and was looking for advice on the process of undergraduate admissions in the USA. The advice here is excellent, but, ironically, my daughter was nominated for Posse, and much of that initial advice was not needed. However, later advice on college life has been very helpful. I was also able to share some of the advice that I received here with some of my daughter’s friends, which, I know, helped them a lot in their college search. I continue to volunteer for the Posse Foundation in the selection process and in mentoring Posse Scholars.

I have really come to appreciate the wisdom and knowledge that this community has. This is true even, and maybe especially, for those with whom I tend to disagree regularly. Much of the reason that this community works so well is the work that the moderators do. As somebody who had benefited from their excellent work, I would like to support this community as a moderator.


Can I note for the record that I think each of the proposed moderators are fantastic, and that I value their contributions. I don’t love voting, because I’m afraid the ones not winning will feel rejected, and they are ALL great, and deserving of moderator status, and extra kudos.


109% agreed. While I have yet to miss voting in a "real’ election since I became eligible, I might need to skip this one. I feel like I’m being asked to select which two of my children are my favorites. :grin:


Can we have 4 moderators ? Seriously….


I suspect you don’t have kids. For me it is easy to choose a favorite and least favorite. It just changes daily. :grinning:


I second this motion!

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I’m also withholding a vote. How does one choose when all the options are excellent?


I’ve voted…but in my opinion, of the PTB have found four people who are willing and able to do the moderators jobs, let them all do it. AFAIK there are two active moderators and a couple who occasionally moderate. Clearly it would be nice to share the job amongst more people. And you have found four who want to do this.

That would probably bring you up to six moderators, right?

I’m all in on all four being given the nod. And delete mods from the mod list who just aren’t moderating!


I’ll pm everyone my address. The two that send the biggest check my way get my vote. :slight_smile:

Ps I’m a lot of work. Are you sure you want the job ??


Ski: why do you have to perpetually rub it in (most of) our faces as to how much younger you are than we are? (But to paraphrase you, JK! And I agree with your views).

Seriously, these are all great candidates. Given how much time you and @Lindagaf spend here and the absolute imperative to very strict moderation to keep the discussion precisely on focus, wouldn’t it be better to have more mods rather than less? I cannot imagine how much time you, @Lindagaf, and all of your predecessors volunteer in keeping each thread so very focused.

That being said, @CC_Jon 's idea to do this by election is a really great one, as it makes us all have ownership in this invaluable site.

Assuming we are limited to just two candidates in this round, the two that don’t win already have my unanimous vote for the next round.


Which of you 4 agree with me the most…that would get my vote.
Seriously, they all seem highly qualified and I don’t even know why they would want this job, so if you can have all four, please do.


Oh, CC Admins…may we please have ALL four of these wonderful contributors be moderators? Pretty please? With a cherry on top? :cherries:


As a former moderator, I would suggest choosing two now and selecting the other two at a future time. There is a LOT to learn as a moderator, and it would be hard for the current mods to get four new people up to speed and answer all their questions.


I agree. In fact, if I recall correctly, I was flagged for one of my very first CC posts ever when I complimented @skieurope 4 or 5 years ago for possibly being artificial intelligence rather than human, given his incredible attention to moderation. :rofl: . It was so new to me back then about what mods do.

Seriously, because of you, @skieurope, and @Lindagaf, College Confidential is an AMAZING website. AFAIK, there is no other college application website that is so well moderated as this one. Every thread is precisely focused, and that is because of the excellence of the moderators.

How the mods find the time to do this is quite incredible to me.

The re-addition of @CC_Jon makes this site even more amazingly useful.

The four mod candidates are all great. As you said, perhaps it’s easier to train two new mods. But, perhaps, consideration can be given to the two mod candidates who don’t “win” in the first round as automatically the selection of mods 6 months or so when the first mods have been trained.


I keep reminding them that it is an open competition to be my favorite, so feel free to do things to help make your case. They just laugh at me.

Also I am pretty sure I have 4 kids who think they are NOT the favorite. Which I guess means I’m being fair-ish? Really difficult when all 4 are so different.

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