Fall 2022 Moderator Election

It’s my great honor to introduce the candidates for moderator. Each was nominated by other members of the community. We’re only picking two moderators this election, but there are no wrong choices among this group.

Who should be a moderator? (pick two)

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Note: The “Vote now!” button might not be greyed out after you vote. You can tell your vote has been recorded if you see a “Remove vote” button above. It will look something like this:

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Members and above may vote in this election. Voters may pick one or two candidates as their choice. The election will close at 2022-09-23T23:59:00Z. When the votes have been tallied, we will announce the two new moderators.

For more details, please see: Moderator election: next steps.

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@CC_Jon - Nothing seems to be happening when I make a selection and click “vote now.”

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It might be a display issue. Your vote has been recorded.

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Congratulations and best wishes to all you nominees.


Can I pick two twice ?

This is like picking between Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford.


Thank you Jon!

That would be a really heavy class load. Might need one of these:

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What are their respective USNWR rankings? I am looking for a Chance Me to the CDMMs.

Just kidding! All great candidates. Best of luck to each of you.


I think I have voted. As an aside, it would be helpful if moderators accounts weren’t hidden.


I can’t tell if my vote counted

Agree @jym626 . And I think some background and/or statement from each person would also have been helpful.


I believe I successfully changed my profile to “public”.

Just a bit of background on me - I’ve been officially a CC member since 2018 when my D was a HS senior and in the thick of the application process. I was a lurker from 2016-2017.

I did alumni interviewing/meetings for my university for over two decades and thought I was pretty up to date on the college admission environment but this site was invaluable to me. I learned so much from the posters here, and continue to do so. I really love this community, have met some members IRL, and hope that being a moderator will continue to let me grow and stay connected here in a different way. My D graduates from college this year and it will be a while before she goes to grad school!


Thank you and thank you!! (for changing your account to public and for the bio). VERY helpful!! Hope others follow suit!


I have been on CC since 2011, when Collegekid1 was beginning the college process, and our last one is now a college sophomore. Our gang have gone to colleges that range from international, to LACs to (non-flagship) state unis. Three gradschools (so far…), two completed, one on the home stretch. I also mentor students through a program that identifies high-potential but under-resourced students.

Although I have taught at university level, and been on Admissions panels, I still learn things on CC nearly daily. The depth and breadth of knowledge and experience across this community- and the genuine generosity and kindness of spirit that predominates- shows the best side of the internet.


Thank you for the info @momofboiler1 and @collegemom3717

Hoping the other two candidates also give us a little info about themselves.

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If you see a “Remove vote” button, your vote is counted.

(I checked and I don’t see your vote in the data yet. Please try again. If you aren’t sure, feel free to send me a screenshot via a PM.)

@CC_Jon I voted…but no change in how my ballot looks either. Did you get my vote?

I see your vote and @bookworm’s.

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I’m a bit unsure how I ended up in this group with CC contributors I follow and respect. I’m the newbie in the group and have learned so much from them and the other CC users who so generously share their time and knowledge.

I started out as a lurker in 2019 and joined CC in 2020 when my D informed us of her pre-med intention and suddenly we were presented with covering 8+ years of costs. It was time for us to learn the ins and outs of merit and this is where I turned… and I will be here a while with my D’s plans for med school. Since then, I have formed personal relationships with other users and had the pleasure of meeting a few in person. I value all CC has to offer the college application process as well as the sometimes-spirited conversations in the Parents Forum. I particularly am grateful for the perspectives of users from backgrounds that differ from my own who take time to explain their points of view. That is part of what makes this community so special and stand out from other online college admission resources.

Within our family we have attended colleges and universities in the US and Europe, state flagships, SLACs and CC. My family is full of educators, from my great grandparents to my father, and I cannot remember a time in my life when it was not part of everyday conversation. While I did not continue that family tradition when choosing my career (business and technology), I volunteer with an organization that supports under-resourced students with tutoring and post-high school opportunities and support.

ETA: My profile should now be public.