Flagging failures and more 502 errors

The flag function isn’t working…and sometimes after I read a post I get a 502 error. And…even though I read threads to the end, they still show up on my latest list as not read.

@CC_Sorin @CC_Jon

I was having the same issue of posts I’ve read still showing unread and having to refresh several times to get it to recognize I read it. It also seems like there have been several times the site has been unexpectedly down in the last few weeks, with the most recent time being this morning.

@CC_Jon when I click on your reply in my latest posts….this is what I get.

I edited the title to be more useful when reporting the problem.

Oh…I’ve never gotten a post like this one when a title was edited before. It was odd. And no place to respond

Should I start another thread asking why titles need to be ten characters?

We’ve got some more details about what’s going on. We are on an older version of the database. That’s normally not a problem, but the new database has some performance improvements that our software is trying to use. We will need to update our database software, but I don’t know that that will involve. It’s a top priority. No the top priority for us.

And even when the flag goes through, I can’t edit the offending post without getting a 502 error. I can’t send a PM to the offender without getting a 502 error

Why don’t the spammers encounter 502 errors?!? :rofl:

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I’m having the same issues.

More 502 and 504 this evening…


Site didn’t work at all for about an hour.

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Tuesday 4 EDT. Not able to post at all. 502 error.

@CC_Jon @CC_Sorin

Posted at 6:19

Just happened again about 20 minutes ago. But seems to all be working now. Just couldn’t post.

Linking the other 50x errors thread here

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I tried to edit my post yesterday to fix a spacing and punctuation error and the edit function didn’t work. Also got that 504 error.