Coming Soon: New Beta Community Page

Hi everyone! One of the most common suggestions we get is to create a “News Feed” style roundup of the most popular posts. You’ll see this kind of feed on places like Facebook and Reddit. Our team has put together a beta and we’re excited to release it on CC in the next couple of days. The biggest differences are that each post has a preview and you can easily see who authored the post.

Additionally, seeing posts between categories and tags has been made easier on the page by moving it to the left-hand side and making it available with just a click.

You can see a preview in this screenshot below:

When will this be released?

In the next couple of days.

How do I access this?

Clicking on the “Community” link at the top will get you to this view. New registrants will see this view by default. Trust level 2 and above will not get this view by default, you’ll need to opt-in by changing the view:

Is this optional?

Yes! You can always switch back by using the toggle (#4 in the screenshot).

I have feedback!

We’re trying to roll out early versions as a preview so we can get your feedback as soon as possible - feel free to comment here!


Not sure if this is the appropriate place to add it but when I search for something in a thread I get “Error 502.” Sometimes I’ll go back and search for fewer words and it will work. Does Error 502 mean “unable to find an exact match”? If so, can you label the error as such so people know to try searching again with different keywords?

502 usually means “something went wrong” and definitely shouldn’t mean “unable to find an exact match”. Can you give me an example of what you search for and which thread? Maybe I can replicate the 502…

I just tried searching for the phrases that I got the error on yesterday and it seemed to work okay today. If I encounter it again, I will let you know.

Showing five topics per screen seems to continue a never-ending journey to showing less and less data per screen with every “improvement”.

At least there appears to be a “show me the old way” option this time.


Honestly, instead of adding new features and views, I’d love if the current site was just working properly. I still routinely have issues with the page being crowded together and not formatted properly, and a disconnect between my notification of new posts and the actual number.