Fordham Class of 2025 - Regular Decision Date: Mar 15

DD received and email to login and see new merit scholarship amount. 4k per year. Not much but every dollar helps.


Was it recently and sometihng specific to her major? And was she RD? I wonder how often this happens.

Yes she was RD. Her merit was based on attending the Rose Hill campus. Interesting her major is Film and TV but she is trying to switch to marketing. We will see if her merit then changes.

hi…is this in addition to the original award she received? Did you guys appeal? thanks,

Hi! Was accepted to Lincoln Center for poli-sci

I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for appealing aid? My EFC is 0 and I’ve grateful to have received around 40k in aid & scholarships, but I would still have an estimated cost of 45k a year for everything else (books, room and board, remainder of tuition) and I simply can’t afford that. Is Fordham known to be helpful/proactive or should I just look elsewhere.

I genuinely would appreciate any advice/tips in this process.

We are in the same boat, slightly higher EFC, with a small Pell, I have heard an appeal will yield a few more thousands, but no where near the gap. My suggestion is to appeal, and make alternate plans.

We attended the virtual “Financing your Fordham Education” last month and they said that appeal amounts awarded are typically $3-6k. If something has drastically changed in your financial situation since the FASFA and CSS were submitted that might be a different story but otherwise that is is the typical range according to the financial aid office. For some, that may be just enough to make it possible, for others not so.

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want to do a self tour next week, does anyone know if you can get on campus?

Found on Reddit:

the admissions department is planning to be open for in person tours over the summer! edit: an update!! very very limited in person tours starting april 7!


I think the April 7th tours are going to be offered to admitted students.

thanks the the might work.

they have lots of times/dates available for walking of the grounds. You also need to register ahead of time and produce a negative covid test.

great thanks!

Where do you book this?

Found it,

Where are you all finding in person visit info?

I just put up the link!

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Does anyone know anything about the honors program? Have students already been notified, etc?

I believe they have. My son was admitted into honors when he received his decision. Lincoln Center campus.