Fordham Class of 2025 - Regular Decision Date: Mar 15

Hey! I was reading the Fordham webpage and I saw this message

“Regular Decision: January 1*
*Although the deadline has passed, we are still accepting applications. Note we cannot guarantee a decision by April 1 for late applications.”

Does anyone know if they really are accepting more applications? Why would they do this? I’m really interested!!

On College Board there is a list of colleges with Later Application Deadlines, but I didn’t see Fordham is listed. You should call the school directly to ask.

My D has denied/withdrawn the admission and good luck to whoever on the waitlist !

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Does anyone have the acceptance rate for Fordham

Do many International students recieve merit based aid?

D committed yesterday to FCRH and we are pumped!


My D has declined admission to the Lincoln center campus. Hopefully someone here can get off the waitlist and others can get the 36k merit that was offered to her. Good Luck!

Where will she be headed?

She has narrowed it down to Pitt. More affordable and better opportunities for pre-med track student than would get at Lincoln center campus at Fordham.

We are down to Deciding Fordham vs Pitt. Honors. Major is anthropology. Good luck to all. Nice to have choices!

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D is also thinking Anthropology or Psychology major with pre-med track at Pitt.

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Not sure how many internationals received merit but definitely some got merit and need-based.

If anybody could respond id greatly appreciate it,

  • I would like to try and get more money from Fordham.I only got the 10,000 metro grant which still leaves Fordham at a very high price. ( I would be commuting so subtract dorming, meal plan etc.) Im unsure of the whole process so if someone could give a brief summary id appreciate it a lot . Is merit appeal and fafsa appeal separate?
  • Ive also heard people say if you appeal, most people get 2-6k is that true.

You should call the financial aid office ASAP to know what the next step you need do.


Hi. As someone who is currently studying at Fordham, make sure you do appeal. They will ask you why you want to appeal so give them a convincing reason. Like talk about how much the school matters to you, how covid affected your situation and try asking for like a set amount. For example, " an additional 5k would help me attend Fordham" . I am not sure but do you qualify for federal aid. Pell grant?. And if you are a New York citizen, maybe try getting TAP aid.


Wow, I can’t believe Fordham expects family with EFC 0 to be able to come up with 45K? That a huge gap! Is this common for colleges to leave such a big gap?

Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it. So my parents efc I was feel like was way too high. I have two younger brothers going to college right after me and my grandma recently moved it with us due to covid. My parents have been covering some expenses for her.

No worries. Still appeal for an aid. Fill out a TAP anyways, even if it means a few hundred dollars. And once you enroll, I heard unis are pretty generous with Covid relief funds.


how much does housing increase each year? (at LC) trying to calculate what the rough 4 year cost would be