Get to Know the CC Moderators

On CC, we deeply value the outstanding work done by our amazing moderators. They’ve been around for many years and every single day they dedicate time, energy, and passion in ensuring that our forums are inviting and active and the community as a whole is treated fairly and with respect. Here’s a quick bio so that you get to know them a bit better:


My name is MaineLonghorn and I’ve been an active member on CC for about 8 years. I became a moderator in 2012 and I currently serve as a Super Moderator. I am a Texan who has lived in Maine for 31 years. I have three children, ages 19, 22, and 24, who have all been diagnosed with mental illness of differing severity. I am particularly interested in helping parents of diagnosed kids and also students who seem to be struggling with mental health issues.


I am vonlost and I joined CC in 2006 (when D1 was a psychology freshman at Reed), becoming a moderator in 2012. I live in Silicon Valley, and wrote system software (mostly for Mac) after a BSEE at San Diego State; I am now retired, volunteering at a local hospital (and hanging out on CC). D1 is now a mental health counselor at a community college, and D2 writes web code for a medical software company after an art history degree at NYU and teaching English to foreign college students.


I’m warblersrule, and I joined CC in 2004 as an anxious senior applying to colleges. I recently finished my PhD and am teaching as a university lecturer. I tend to be particularly active in threads touching upon marine biology and the life sciences, classics and ancient history, graduate school admissions, and LGBTQ issues.


Hi, I’m Juillet! I’ve been an active member of CC for 11 years, and became a moderator in 2014. I’m originally from Atlanta, GA. When I got my BA in psychology at Spelman College, I became the first person in my entire family to get a college degree. After earning my PhD in psychology and public health from Columbia (and living in New York for 6 years, woo-hoo!), I moved to the greater Seattle area to work as a user experience researcher for a large video game/technology company (no points for guessing). I love helping high school students put together college lists, choose which college to attend, and especially navigate choosing a major and a career. I’m also happy to talk graduate school admissions!

@“Erin’s Dad”:

I am Erin’s Dad and I joined CC in 2005, becoming a moderator in 2014. I live in Dayton OH. I served 22 years in the US Air Force after graduating from the US Air Force Academy. My W works for a non-profit supporting arts organizations. D1 graduated from Denison with a degree in English and provides tech support for automobile supply chain software. D2 graduated from Lewis and Clark with a degree in Math and performs modeling and simulation work for the military. I have a son who is a rising Junior in HS and will be going through the college search process shortly. My photo is of the Dayton skyline, our adoptive home.


My name is Sybbie and I joined CC in 2003, becoming a moderator in 2013. I live in NYC and worked 25 years at a major corporation before transitioning over to the NYC DOE 11 years ago. My D graduated from college and law school while I have been on CC and is working as an attorney. I have a couple of hundred kids every year going through the college process at various schools in NYC, so I will be here for a little while longer.


My name is skieurope. I lurked on CC for a year or so before joining in 2014 while a high school junior and became a moderator later that year. I was born and raised in Europe. I’m currently a rising junior at a college in New England concentrating in the STEM area.


My name is texaspg. I have been on CC since 2010 and became a moderator in 2012. I live in Houston and work in IT but have worked in engineering for about 7 years and IT for 20+ years. I have advanced degrees in Engineering and Business. Both my kids are currently in college, one in undergrad and the other in medical school. I think of myself as giving back to CC since CC people have given me a lot when my first kid was getting ready for college search back in 2010 and provide valuable give and take in the various parent, college and professional forums.

@CCadmin_Sorin - Community Manager:

My name is Sorin and I’ve joined the CC admin team in March 2013. In my current capacity of Community Manager I serve as the bridge between the community, the moderators, and the CC admin/tech team. I live in Romania, Europe, a very beautiful country renowned for its Dracula heritage. Do not hesitate to tag/PM me whenever you need help.