Thank you, MaineLonghorn, for your service as moderator

It’s no exaggeration to say that @MaineLonghorn has guided College Confidential with a steady hand and an open heart for years. When I tried to figure out how long she has been a moderator, I can only determine that it was since March, 2014. (Given the platform changes that have happened since then, I can’t pin down the exact date.) Obviously that was before my time, but even a casual glance at her profile shows she’s been dedicated to this community.

On a personal note, I’ve depended on MaineLonghorn for insight on how the community functions. When I’ve stumbled into bad choices or misunderstood something, she’s quick with polite, but firm correction. She cares for CC in a way that only comes from deep understanding and empathy. It’s been a privilege to learn from her experience and wisdom.

She’s assured me that she’s not leaving CC, but just taking some time away from moderation. For that I’m incredibly grateful. While she might not have the day-to-day duties of a moderator, I consider her a leader at CC.

Please join me in thanking MaineLonghorn!


Thanks @MaineLonghorn . You’re the best! Hope we see you around for years to come.


Thanks for all your hard work over the years and for welcoming me into the fold when I was an unknowing HS student. I’ll miss the chats in the employee break room. :grin:


Thank you @MaineLonghorn for all of your attention and care over the years, particularly with so much attention and care needed in your irl.

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Thank you :pray:

Thank you for everything @MaineLonghorn

Wishing you good luck :pray:

Thank you @MaineLonghorn! I hope you continue posting!

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Thanks @MaineLonghorn!

Thank you @MaineLonghorn. I have always really valued your posts.

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Thank you, @MaineLonghorn! Best wishes! :heart:

Thanks, @CC_Jon and everyone else!

I dug through my ancient emails, and Roger Dooley invited me to be a moderator on March 18, 2011! I think I started in the role in April, 2011. So it’s been a long time! I think the date you referred to was one of the platform changes.

I obviously enjoyed being a moderator or I wouldn’t have done it so long. Recently, I’ve gotten busier - I have two new clients, and my son needs frequent transportation for mental illness treatment, so I’ve been feeling squeezed for time. But I’m not going anywhere! And if you ever know someone with a child newly diagnosed with a mental illness, I am always available to talk or email. My son was officially diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder in May, 2011, just as I was starting out as moderator here.


@MaineLonghorn, whether you came that way, or grew into, you have one of the best kindly tough / firm but fair balances I know. Enjoy this break!


Thank you! Look forward to continuing to read your posts.

Thank you, @MaineLonghorn for your many years of service and posts, particularly with respect to mental health issues. Wishing you the best and hoping to see many posts far into the future!

Thank you for your incredible dedication. Wishing you the best.

@MaineLonghorn , I’m newer here than many posters, but even in my shorter amount of time here, I have seen you dispense wisdom graciously and generously, and shared a bit of your “real life” as well. Thank you for all you’ve done, and I’m glad to hear you’ll still be around.

You’ve been part of the CC fabric here for a long time, @MaineLonghorn, and I have appreciated your moderation in so many ways. I hope your break gives you all you require of it. We’ll be here for you when you return. :hugs:


Thank you @MaineLonghorn just for being you. Whether you know it or not you have helped thousands that read about your family and the suggestions you have given about mental health. Glad your still around and available. Best wishes to you and your family.


Thank you @mainelonghorn! I appreciate the work you have done to keep this a friendly and useful forum!
I’ve also personally benefitted from your knowledge of mental health issues and your professional knowledge as my daughter studied your field of engineering.
Hope you enjoy a break from acting as moderator and we continue to enjoy your posts.