Hamilton RD 2025

It’s getting close. Thought I would start it.


Anyone of you guys got request from IDOC from Hamilton college

I got it ages ago (around the time of my app)and just filled what they asked me… it was a form I think about taxes

Hamilton is using IDOC now? That’s unfortunate…

Yes, when we filled out the CSS we received an email that we needed to upload documents to IDOC.

Do international student also get request from IDOC from specifically Hamilton college

I do not know the answer to that. Do you fill out a CSS Profile on Collegeboard?

Probably not, because they are asking for US tax documents.

Yeah, I submitted my CSS profile.

Hi Everyone! My son applied RD to Hamilton. What other colleges did you all apply to and which ones have you heard from? Where does Hamilton rank on your lists?

Any international student who has applied to Hamilton college under RD?


You applied to financial aid?

yeah. im really hoping for a miracle and an acceptance. god knows i could use one right now.

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Where are you from?

Applied to a lot of schools. Top choices are UVA, Kenyon, Oberlin, William & Mary, and Hamilton (no particular order). Only heard from Kenyon so far, but got some solid scholarships. Will be hard to turn down unless somewhere else can compete. We will see what happens with Hamilton! Where else did your son apply?


I’m so nervous, I really want to get in! My sat is kinda low tho and I didn’t show enough demonstrated interest

Hamilton is up!



Waitlisted at Hamilton. That makes things easier! It was his longest shot. He got into Trinity with a very nice scholarship. He also got into Conn College – but we don’t have the official response and don’t know about scholarship/merit there. His two top choices are Trinity and Pitt right now. Good luck!