Hamilton RD 2025

Waitlisted. Happy with that, since Hamilton was a reach school for me!

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I was waitlisted too :frowning:

son accepted!! congrats and good luck all!


i got accepted! did interview, optional essay, optional link, 3.7 uw 4.35 w, top 5% rank, no sat, Hispanic female, comp sci, from nj, strong EC’s and essays/letters of rec

did anyone else get a specific detail about them in their acceptance letter. like they specifically mentioned my dedication to PV’s softball.


Accepted, but spring term…lol


Congratulations, tptptp!

Son was accepted tonight as well. Very exciting! His acceptance letter also specifically mentioned his dedication to varsity lacrosse. After your interview, did you get a note from Peaches?


Hey, you sound dejected. Don’t be. Being a Jan is not a bad thing. There are a few threads on here about being a Jan. You should check them out.

I know students who were Jans and they all said it was a great experience and there was no difference once you got to campus. If you really like Hamilton and think it’s the place for you, don’t let being a Jan dissuade you from going there. Good luck with your decision.


Accepted and letter mentioned my endeavors in journalism. I am not sure if I will attend yet. Did interview, essay, link, 96 GPA uw, no rank, white male, art history, NY, strong EC/recs. 1540 SAT + 780, 750, 800 SAT2.


Accepted! I’m so shocked
I did the interview and essay and attended virtual events



Waitlisted here too.

Congrats on the acceptance to Conn Coll, I thought the release date is this upcoming Saturday? And my daughter was waitlisted at Hamilton too.

Yes–the official release date is Saturday, but he received a ‘preview email’ saying that he was accepted and will receive the official notice on Saturday.

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thank you and congrats to your son as well! yes i did which talked about how they enjoyed my interview.

Congrats to everyone who got accepted RD!

If you got accepted as a Jan like our daughter who was a Jan in the ED pool (and who is really excited about it!) please remember you were still ACCEPTED and it’s a great opportunity to try something different and gain a very unique experience.

For anyone waitlisted, please remember that with COVID it’s going to be really hard for colleges to predict yield this year so I’m pretty sure they’ll be approaching a bunch of applicants off the waitlist…so please hang in there if Hamilton is high on your list.

If you got rejected, sorry if you are disappointed but please remember if you have an application impressive enough to apply to schools like Hamilton etc. then you are going to get into an another incredible school and do great things there.


Congratulations! Patiently waiting for Saturday at 10 am here!

I got waitlisted but I have a question… I know it’s very late but would it be very condescending of me to write a loci to Hamilton admissions when I didn’t do any of the optional supplements/interview…

If Hamilton is at the top of your list, you definitely should. There may be a lot of students pulled off the WL and you want to put your best foot forward if you want to attend Hamilton.

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