Hamilton RD 2025

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Hamilton has stated that applications were up 26% this year, for an overall acceptance rate of 14%. They then commented that many “tremendous students,” presumably with realistic hopes for admission, could not be accepted, at least directly:


@cyftltn: For a guide to Hamilton’s wait list policies, which includes suggestions as to how to express your interest, see


This thread has been very quiet for over a week. Is there a reason why there hasn’t been any posts lately? I hope it’s not due to a lack of excitement about the school.

Hamilton has been very communicative in hosting online events and info sessions, whereas other schools have been silent. We are visiting over the weekend for the first time.

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D21 attends virtual events for accepted students weekly. She very much looks forward to the fall.

Maybe it is because there are mostly parents on CC and not students - maybe that is why the thread is fairly quiet?

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If you have any questions please feel free to message me or ask here. While not a lot of activity here, there is lots on the facebook Hamilton Parents page. You should join! Very supportive community there!


With respect to interest, views may reveal more than posts. For example, the Hamilton ED 2025 topic has had 27,800 views. By College Confidential standards, that represents a lot.

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Does anyone know what the percentages are for Early Decision admits this year vs Regular Decision?

Parent here. I have been extremely impressed by Hamilton’s outreach to accepted '25 students. The level of contact – constant emails, weekly/daily hangouts, invitations to online events, etc. – far exceeds what I’ve seen from the other schools to which DD was accepted. I feel like Hamilton is saying “we really want you and are determined to keep you” while other schools are indifferent.

After decision day, we signed up for a self-guided tour and visited the campus. To our surprise and delight, we actually were provided with a live student guide for a personalized, private tour. Our guide was a stunning demographic match to DD (gender, ethnicity, major, hometown of 50 miles from where we live in CA) considering the relatively small student population. I don’t know how unusual that is, or whether they just happened to have a perfect match. The website still offers self-guided tours only.

The big question for DD as she considers her finalist schools (Emory, Carnegie Mellon, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego) is whether she wants to be in a remote location like Clinton. She went to the campus visit thinking the answer probably would be no, but was satisfied after seeing campus and town that it could work for her. Hamilton was the only small liberal arts school to which she applied. Ultimately, she’s the only one who can make the call whether it’s the right fit or not.


Good luck with your decision! Small school/town vs. big school/town is a tough and personal choice. My son at Hamilton loves the school so much that the rural area doesn’t bother him as much as he thought it would. However he did choose to study abroad in big cities 2 different semesters. My daughter chose a big college in a big city instead of a small LAC. That also requires navigation, and a bit more of following up on things yourself. Happy to hear you had a good experience on your tour!

As a way for your daughter to imagine herself in Clinton, art might work better than analysis. If she likes film, she would enjoy watching The Sterile Cuckoo, which offers an extended visual perspective of Hamilton’s area: https://youtu.be/IwZ9yy-jFzk. In any case, I wouldn’t think there’d be a better time to view this movie than now, with a Hamilton acceptance in hand. I’d say this to other undecided accepted students as well.

Ooo, I don’t know. I have a tough enough time getting her to watch popular current movie suggestions. I predict a 1960s film with a tag line “first love is beautiful hurt” will be a difficult sell.

we also visited campus recently and were so pleasantly surprised to have a tour guide. campus was incredible and everyone was so warm and welcoming. my son has narrowed it down to hamilton or wesleyan. such a tough and wonderful choice!


Clinton, New York

Waitlisted people: sorry to tell you this, I I don’t think they’ll accept anybody off the waitlist. I asked for a decision date extension and they said that the class was already full and they’d accommodate the accepted people before May 1 only

couldn’t that just mean they would rather start looking into the waitlisted students (students who they know might definitely commit) instead of waiting for an accepted student who’s decision is not definite? i know you’re trying to be helpful but that came across as bitter (coming from a student hoping to get off the waitlist lol).

I concur. The class may be closed for a particular phase of admission, but still have space for the next (waiting list review). Best of luck to you, @scarletibiss.

Sorry I was just trying to be helpful. Here’s their exact wording:

I’m sorry that I’m unable to extend the deadline for you. At this point, Hamilton’s Class of 2025 is full. While we will of course welcome and accommodate any deposits that come in through May 1 at midnight, we cannot save a spot in the class for you beyond that point. Of course, I would love to have you as part of our class, but unfortunately we cannot offer an extension.

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I think what they’re saying is that they have admitted all the students for regular decision and now they need to see how many accept by May 1. They wouldn’t know how many spots are open until after that May 1 deadline. If there are spots open past that date then they would go to the waitlist.

It’s not surprising that they wouldn’t extend the deadline for you past May 1. It’s been May 1 for most schools for a long time. Students have over a month to decide. If they started giving extensions, without severe extenuating circumstances, they’d be opening up a can of worms.

Yeah but I was waiting for my aid appeal, I wasn’t just randomly asking

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