Help me decide: FSU vs Miami of Ohio

I am unable to decide between FSU and Miami of Ohio. Both r nice schools but my heart is torn between the two. If I’m being completely honestly, I don’t feel 100% about either school but I’m sure this will change once I actually make a decision and everything’s over with.

FSU $20k per year
Pros: warm weather, love the campus, tons to do on campus, met a ton of nice ppl online, cheap in state tuition, have extra money to fly home, selective school, good academics/business school, has accounting and actuarial science, sorority houses, football, free activities, already have connected w tons of nice girls
Cons: bigger party school than Miami, far from home, difficult to get direct flights, didn’t love Tallahassee, lots of instate students, not sure if I’ll have trouble getting a job back in Chicago

Miami Ohio $33k per year tuition frozen
Pros: direct admit business school, great business school, beautiful campus buildings, likeminded students in a political sense, physically closer to home, good for internships and jobs, not huge
Cons: five hour drive, rural, harsh winters, no sorority houses, not much school spirit, lower ranked for accounting, no actuarial science, lots of parties/bars

From what you’ve said here, sounds like you are much more keen on Miami. I’m not getting any sense that you feel a real draw towards FSU.

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I’m a bit confused because I didn’t think I was giving off that vibe. Could u explain maybe? I do have more pros for FSU and would love attending college in Florida but fear I’ll be too far away from home

I’m surprised to hear that there are no sorority houses at Miami U. Many national Greek orgs originated at Miami, and generally it had been known to be heavily Greek.

I think that the most important fit variables are Cost and Academics. I think that probably overall, Miami and FSU are similarly strong, but you have been directly admitted to the program of your choice at Miami. That could save headaches and, potentially, heartache at FSU. So for that reason alone I’d give the Academic edge to Miami.

Which would be more expensive for you? Cost can be pretty important too, especially if one cost a lot less than the other.

You seem to favor the people at Miami over the people of FSU, but the setting /weather of FSU over Miami’s. So – call it a draw on overall culture/setting. Truth be told, you’d probably find people you like at FSU, and you’d probably find the social scene you crave at Miami. (sorority houses or not). In terms of weather, yes, you won’t likely see snow at FSU, but boy, the weather there can get pretty steamy. You’d probably miss the cooler weather of Ohio at times, the pretty leaves in the fall… so it might not be the weather slam dunk for FSU that you envision.

So if I were you, I’d dwell most on academics and cost. You’ll find your people at either school, and the weather will be bearable.

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Miami has sororities - but they are housed in the dorms. So that’s another “savings” because the fees are cheaper.

I would not say Miami is less a party school than FSU. It’s a smaller school but it’s a huge party place. So I disagree with that.

Also, Tallahassee is easier to get to than Miami - well, from Chicago you might drive to Miami - but it has an airport. Or you can take Southwest to Panama City - that’s a bit of a haul. But you can get there, etc.

As for liking or not liking the area - you’ll be on campus. Tallahassee is a city. There’s not much to Oxford.

FSU wins for accounting.

Not saying it’s a no brainer - because fit should matter most - but cost wise, weather wise, greek life wise (having a house - but it will be a higher presure greek life) - FSU wins.

My daughter eliminated FSU - and is deciding between C of Charleston and U of SC - but I was rooting for FSU…cheap and good.

Good luck.

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I guess I thought I was reading between the lines. I agree with @prezbucky though. All the reasons for liking FSU seem quite superficial.

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I get it now thanks

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Super helpful thank u!

Could you please explain why your daughter is no longer considering fsu

Simple and yes, Lindagaf is right - but a lot of it is superficial.

For my daughter, she didn’t feel a spark when she visited. That’s it. She liked FSU, thought it was a nice campus, etc. She was not impressed with collegetown and honestly, she went to UF same day, and there did find a spark. As a parent, I eliminated UF - it’s $20K more, not as good for her intended major (International Relations), and it’s so large, you seem to get lost.

Just for reference, she eliminated Miami the day we attended. She wants to be in or near a city and Miami, while nice, is - in the middle of nowhere.

I think most kids choose a school for superficial reasons - so Lindagaf is correct. My son got into Purdue engineering with a scholarship. For engineering, Purdue is near elite. Yet he chose Alabama because of the dorm situation - much better - to which, btw, hated living in the dorm.

For my daughter, there needs to be a spark. She’s in at UGA Honors and for Intl Relations, they’re strong. I wish she’d consider. But she liked the school, but the size is massive, a bus is needed to get to class, and vs. Charleston and U of SC, she just didn’t have a spark.

You’ve chosen, in some ways, two different schools.

What matters to you? That’s why you should choose a school - where did you feel a spark.

How hard it is to get there to me is not a reason to attend or not attend - that’s like 3 trips a year.

Good luck.

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For me, I plan on coming home at least once a month so I do want to consider traveling to and from.
What school did your daughter decide on?

Y do u need to go home monthly ? Well u can fly from Tallahassee with the savings. Or drive x hrs from Miami.

C of Charleston

It’s extremely unlikely that you’d fly home every month. If it’s for doctor’s appointments, you’ll find a doctor near campus.
So, remove that criterion.

Are both affordable without loans for your family?

Did you get into Honors at either?

Both will have Greek life and parties.

I’d like to see my family more than three times each school year. Both are affordable (FSU 20k Miami 33k). I didn’t apply for honors.

You clearly want to go to Miami but your are trying to get someone to make you feel better for FSU as it’s cheaper. If you want to get home you’ll get home.

If you have the 21k from Miami and OOS waiver at FSU

Sorry. Cut off. If u have the 21k and OOS waiver you are underestimating costs. College always cost more than you think, more than they say and if you look at their stated COA they are both more.

If you really want to get home you’ll get home

Both are great options. It’s up to you, not anyone on the board.

Then it may make sense to choose the college closest to them. :slight_smile: