HELP! Selection of my university!!

<p>Hello, i am an international student that from China, also i am an exchange student to U.S high school in my senior year. I am going to continue studying in U.S so i decided to apply universities and colleges in the following months. I have seen a lot information about universities such as us news and select 5 universities. But i really need some advice from u guys, because i don't know if these are the best choices for me.
1. Purdue University ----west lafayette
2. University of Washington
3. Pennsylvania State University-University Park
4. University of Minnesota--Twin Cities
5. University of arizona
Another choice is going to a community college and transfer to UCLA after two years</p>

<p>I want to major in Finance, i want to work as a finance analyst in my father's company and i will be the boss in the future.
Also i want to have another major in music if it is possible(if it is not possible, it is fine. Finance is the most important for me.)</p>

<p>Here are my application materials:
Test and grades:
High school GPA: about 3.7
I didn't take SAT or ACT test, i don't think i can get good grades at them..</p>

One year exchange student in California high school
One month summer school in Pennsylvania
One month work experience in my father's factory(just for help my father and understand how hard to make money)
Volunteer for sports meeting and reading festival in my Chinese high school
An experience of making band with my friends, we did everything by ourselves and overcome a lot of problem, in the end, we had a successful performance at school.</p>

6-year electric keyboard, 2-year clarinet, 1-year electric guitar and 1-year flamenco guitar, i learned photography and making flash by myself. I like to play tennis, skateboard and bicycle.</p>

<p>I am really confused about choosing school as a foreigner, i don't know if these school are the best choices for me...
I think it is really an important decision for me in my life..</p>

<p>So, can you guys give me some advice?
Do you know any better college that is not hard to get their offers for me?</p>

<p>Thank you very much!!!</p>

<p>There is a list of schools that will accept you without SAT or ACT scores - you can find them here:
SAT/ACT</a> Optional 4-Year Universities | FairTest</p>

<p>For most of the schools you're looking at, you'll need to take the SAT or ACT.</p>

<p>Look at Denison U. They offer FA to international students and they are a "SAT optional school". DU is in this list that Bruno just sent you. U of Arizona is test optional though :).</p>

<p>There's some good information for you here:</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>and more here:
International</a> Students - College Confidential</p>