Marist vs Siena vs Fairfield?

Hey there…my son is entering his senior year in HS…he is a pitcher and is looking to play D1 baseball…in talking to his travel team coach, he thinks that - based on his ability and transcript - the MAAC conference schools may be a good option for him. My general sense is that the three schools listed above are three of the best baseball programs in the MAAC, and they are not tremendously dissimilar schools in terms of academic profile. He is not sure what he wants to pursue in college (other than trying to find a high-80’s fastball!), but he is into computers - and I believe that Marist has a good computer science program. Marist is also test-optional, which may be important, as my son will probably struggle to get to a mid-20’s score on his ACT.

I am a graduate of Vassar, so I know Poughkeepsie pretty well (both the pluses and minuses)…any other thoughts that might help would be appreciated!

All three colleges are excellent choices. Hopefully you have visited each one to determine which would be a good fit for your son. I don’t think he can go wrong with any of these schools.