Meet Kai, the Knowledgeable CC Bot!

Kai is a knowledgeable bot designed to help you access resources and tips that can guide students and parents through the college admissions journey.

If you’ve got questions but you aren’t sure where to find answers, consider asking Kai, which can provide guidance any time, day or night. Kai is familiar with many of the most common queries, from finding scholarships to filling out the Common App and beyond.

You can ask Kai things like:

To ask Kai a question, simply click on the Kai icon anywhere throughout the College Confidential site and then enter your query. For more information, check out [this video](Introducing Kai, the College Confidential Guide-Bot). If you have further questions on how to use Kai or feedback on how to improve Kai, let us know by commenting below.

How do you turn Kai off? @CCadmin_Sorin

Typing “Go away” and “power down” does not remove the blue bar.

What the blue bar does do is cover (and therefore render inoperable) the moderator task bar on my mobile.

@CCadmin_Sorin, How do I disable the Guide Bot tool bar? If I want to look something up, I can use the search bar. I don’t need a bot following me around. My phone screen space is limited enough without adding things I don’t want.

First Siri entered my life, then Alexa, now Kai?
Sometimes less is more. ?

It’s ok for me on my computer but on the cell phone it hides the entire bottom of the screen and the last post. There is already too little content showing even without Kai. Please give us an option to remove If at least for cell phones!

Agree, would like option to remove

I’m working with the product team to find a solution. There’s no option to dismiss Kai currently. I’ll let you all know when I get an update.

Why, oh why?
Dont answer that.

I look at Kai the same way Daniel LaRusso looked at Cobra Kai. I wish there was a Crane Technique for CC…

@CCadmin_Jon, There’s no way for individual users to remove it or your team can’t back the update out for everyone?

I’ve talked with the developer team about this. We are still looking at solutions.

So many more reasons to leave CC. I hate this stupid distraction.

It is super annoying. Every time you go to another page, it pops back up again. Too bad it isn’t knowledgeable enough to know I don’t need help.

It was popping up in the middle of my phone screen when trying to scroll through to see the new threads.

Does no one on the tech team do beta testing before rolling this stuff out?

What is going to revitalize CC is not bells and whistles, it is the encouragement of thoughtful and interesting discussions.

I agree, actually. The chat bot is intended to help new users answer basic and common questions so that those aren’t asked on the forums. I can see that it’s a lot less useful for people who have moved past the sorts of questions a bot can answer.

Are you talking about the “How can I help?” banner? If so, what device and browser are you using. That shouldn’t be in the middle of the screen ever. (To confuse matters, there’s an introductory video which can be dismissed. That banner can be in the middle of the screen.)

Why, oh why
Did you add Kai?
It is an eyesore, and
Makes us cry:

“Bots multiply!!
On us they spy!
They will control us,
by and by!”

If only I,
could kick it high,
like LaRousso,
I’d shout “Banzai!”

^^^One of the all-time best posts, @MWolf!

As a suggestion since you have users here that care… Have a beta group that is willing to beta new feature. Have old and new users. I am sure you would get useful feedback at the least. Due to my keyboard and positions of the blue line of help. Yes, it’s in the middle of the screen. Pixal 3A newest update.