Michigan State EA Decision Notification

Was it an email notification? Did it appear on the admission portal?

Sorry I confused you by writing yes. I have to check with my son if he got it. The website says they will be sent out Jan 12. Given the window i think it will be email and not snail mail, but who knows.

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My son received notification of direct admit to Broad on Wednesday

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Is accepting broad direct admit same as saying you will enroll into michigan state?

No. Just have to accept Broad Direct Admit. Still have until May 1 to enroll at MSU.

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are your chances much lower if you didn’t get DA during phase 1 Broad? and is it rarer to get DA to Broad, nobody in my grade received DA?

My son checked and he did not get a direct admit email. Not sure if it is sent to everybody at the same time.

I think this is the first year they do DA. The Broad info sessions all through the summer talked only about the secondary admission process in sophomore year and only mentioned that DA process is upcoming. So, no way to know from previous years.

It isn’t, multiple people I know of have gotten direct admittance in previous years.

Interesting. What year?Any more details? It’s confusing. This presentation from last August only mentions the secondary admission process: Broad College of Business | Virtual Open House - YouTube and nothing about direct admissions at the time.

I saw for HS Class of 2020 and for Class of 2021.