Music Merit Awards for Undergrad Class of ‘25 & Grad Class of ‘23

Hi everyone, and a hat tip to akapiratequeen for last year’s thread! The purpose of this thread is to help families set realistic expectations in terms of what music merit aid could look like from each school, and to help with negotiations after the offers come in.

Please PM me with information on music merit awards only. Please do not include information on need based aid or academic merit awards. I will organize this thread by school and include your information anonymously.

Please also include the school’s tuition, COA or any notable public statistics on music merit aid if you have them. This information was so helpful to us last year as we began our school research!

I will start with two examples of schools my daughter was accepted to, where I’m pretty sure our data will not really be anonymous :slight_smile: since we appear to be the only forum members who applied there.

Appalachian State
Tuition $7,800 IS / $23,300 OOS
Total COA $21,300 IS / $37,800 OOS
Class of 2025 awards (anecdotal):

University of Arizona
Tuition $12,600 IS / $36,600 OOS
Total COA $30,700 IS / $54,700 OOS
Class of 2025 awards (anecdotal):


@overdone has kindly put together a Google Docs spreadsheet for us to store this information. Thank you overdone! This is fantastic because it means even people who can’t DM yet can provide information. Please feel free to enter your data here. I have already entered the data that has been sent to me by DM. Once there is a decent amount of data such that people can be pretty comfortably anonymous, overdone will post a link to the results.

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Perhaps I’m missing it, but where is the link to the google doc?


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Ooh! Good question, what did it do with my link? Trying again: Class of 2025 Music Awards


Thanks everyone! Here are the results so far.


Edited because I meant to send this as a DM :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! Thanks for participating in this thread, I think this information can be really helpful to future students and parents. Just to summarize in one post:

You can enter your music merit information here: Class of 2025 Music Awards

You can view your (and others’) responses here: Class of 2025 Music Awards (Responses) - Google Sheets