NC State 2025EA Admission Thread

Know it’s a bit early, but I wanted to get this started. A lot of other schools have it. Just in case there are updates over the holiday.

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Is that likely? Most older threads suggest they are pretty firm on releasing at the end of January.

Not likely but if there are questions or any updates, I’m finding with other schools discussions, people share good info.

Thanks for starting this! Yes, I think it’s in later January, but this year is so different in many ways, I thought the decisions might come sooner than that.

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The waiting definitely isn’t easy but hoping to hear good things from the WolfPack by the end of January!! Wish it was easier but I guess they have quite a lot of apps to go through.

Some good news from other schools so far but NC State is one of her top!


My daughter just received her decision update a few minutes ago! They emailed her and her portal is updated!


Same here - College of Design!


Congrats to your daughter! In state or OOS?

Thank you. In state for college of design.


are you graphic design?

Are the people getting their decisions just park semi-finalists?

CONGRATS, that’s amazing!

Only College of Design decisions happens now. They eliminated their interview process in January.

She’s Art & Design :slight_smile:

Nothing in my daughter’s portal - she’s social work…

Congrats to those accepted today!!

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Has anyone heard from ncsu COE yet?

Does anybody have any sense on chances of getting off the COD architecture waitlist? Did they only accept the target enrollment and then will use it once people make decisions? Is there any chance on us hearing back before May/June or is this going to be like most college waitlists where they will never actually use it? Thanks for the help.

Is anyone else counting down the days to Jan 30??? 26 days until we hear! Already checking the portal regularly although I know there’s weeks to go.

Yes I am. You are not alone in that. From what I’ve seen in other online posts, decisions are often posted on Fridays after 5. So, I will be monitoring that carefully.

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Does anyone know if they accept letters of continued interest and if sending one will make a difference? I know decisions aren’t out yet but I applied to the CoE and I’m pretty sure I’ll be deferred lol.