NCSU Graduate School Acceptance

Hi. I’m just posting because I am anxiously awaiting my decision for grad school. Just curious to see who else is waiting for grad school acceptance letters and what your major is. Mine is Master of Graphic Design.

My daughter applied after graduating in December 2017 with BFA in Graphic Design from Western Carolina University. Her status in the application system said that her program of choice (MGD) had recommended her acceptance to Graduate Admissions and was awaiting her official transcripts.

The same with me!! I sent in my official transcripts the day I got the email saying that I was recommended for full admissions. Just waiting on that final and official acceptance :slight_smile:

I got in!!!

Congratulations!! Now be ready to work your ass off…

BTW, where did you get your undergraduate degree?

Thank you so much! I received my undergrad degree from Elizabeth City State University.

Awesome!! I graduated from an HBCU myself…before you were born, I’m sure…

My daughter got her acceptance letter yesterday as well. She is strongly considering attending (as in, if we can make the money work, she’ll go).

I hope she does!!! Congrats on her acceptance!! :slight_smile:

Did your daughter like the GD program at Western? I was accepted and looking for some info.