NCWIT Aspirations in Computing 2022

The time is coming for the NCWIT AIC 2022 Award results soon. Personally, this is my 3rd year applying, and I suppose that the national results will be coming out later this month or early January.

Feel free to discuss anything you want about this year’s award season! Updates, application information, questions, all here : )

Looking forward to announcements also.

Do you know when in January?

I’m pretty sure the national winners were contacted/announced Jan 8th last year.
State/Regional varies.

Any word if national results will be released today?

anyone heard anything yet?

anything today?

Haven’t seen any announcements yet

Yes nothing yet from what I’ve seen.

do yall know when it would be out

no im not sure

According to the NCWITAIC Twitter, the finalists for the Collegiate Award were announced on the 12th. Not sure if that is a sign of any sort.

Emails sent out 30 mins ago! Got a national honorable mention!



National Honorable Mention Here Too! CONGRATULATIONS!

Same here! Congrats everyone!

The official announcement for National Winners + Honorable Mentions will be made in early February.

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How exciting! I just found out I also received a national honorable mention - so grateful for this thread =)

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Do they let you know even if you haven’t won something?


Congratulations to these amazing young women!