Northwestern Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

ugh nope…

Nope here

Still nothing. :{

Friend’s kiddo just got theirs today. They live in Vancouver. The package contains a few pages of contract, a T-shirt, and a poster.

We haven’t gotten our packet either!

Ha ha same with my D …we were driving on our way to our older daughters undergrad graduation in Michigan when she hit the news.she screamed so loud .very excited


My DS received a large, flat envelope from NU today- not open yet but definitely not anything with swag, poster, etc.

Same here … DS got it today. Just couple of papers and a folded poster. I am kind of mad, for the amount of money they are charging, I would think they could afford to send some swag. It would have been appreciated


Same here for our younger daughter .Just a large thin envelope .
In contrast our older one got into university of Chicago after being deferred and was so excited when she received a ups shipment with a Hat , scarf ,tshirt along with acceptance .

Nothing in Colorado yet :frowning:

They’re just coming out now. I haven’t gotten mine (mail is slow in my area) but a lot of the other 2026 kids have posted them on Instagram.

My son’s envelope arrived in TX yesterday, so hopefully you’ll see yours today!

It seemed they arrived somewhere between 3-5 after acceptance last year if I recall.