Now what is going on?

Well…until this week, when I logged on, threads I had commented on or bookmarked would be highlighted in blue as unread in this menu I’m showing. Suddenly…that’s not happening anymore. I don’t know what’s worse…not knowing I have new things to read, or not having things I’ve read marked as read.


If you select the button at the bottom (with a downward facing caret), you should get page with all your notifications. Are those highlighted as expected?

I’ll check with the team to see if anything changed in the code or if this a another problem with our infrastructure.

I am also having an issue where even after I have read a thread, it still has the blue number next to it saying I have “X” unread posts.

Count me in too for having issues again, not just with notifications not working but also just being able to reply to threads. It just took me three attempts and page refresh before I could respond to Thumper’s post.

My issue seems resolved now, FYI!

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I’m also experiencing more issues today than usual.

@CC_Jon when my power comes back on, I’ll try what you suggested on my iPad. Nothing works right in my phone.

But the big question is…why did these notifications change. I sure didn’t change them!

@CC_Jon and like magic…the blue highlighted read threads are back. I did NOTHING to change this.

CC was down for me for hours last night. I kept getting a 503 error message.


@CC_Jon @CC_Sorin

What happened last night. Usually if routine maintenance, you folks give a heads up. This began about 8 ish EDT.


Same here

I’m checking with our developers, but this was not planned.

More 502 errors today. I couldn’t access the site at all for quite a while this evening.

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Same for me.

Same here!

I could not get the site to load earlier this evening as well.

Earlier today the thumbs-up button vanished. So weird. I\t came back for me in about 15 minutes but I don’t know how long it was like that before I visited the site. All the other buttons were there, but the site itself seemed…grayed out. A lighter shade of blue.

All normal now.

@CC_Jon I received a 403 Forbidden when trying to log on today. I closed the window and reopened it to try to log on again and I was already logged on. I had previously logged off so the log on must have taken effect when the 403 Forbidden popped up.

I couldn’t get on again this morning and was getting 502 and 504 messages.

I also am only sporadically getting notifications and missed a PM from yesterday.