Oberlin Waitlist 2020 (Class of 2024)


My son was just waitlisted at Oberlin. It’s by far his first choice. He’s a contemporary musician and songwriter, but didn’t apply to the conservatory – just wants to be at a great college with a good community of musicians.

I know that waitlist stats dramatically vary from year to year, so looking at previous years’ data isn’t that helpful. So, I’d love to stay in touch with others who were waitlisted at Oberlin. I’m eager to get a sense of when we’ll be able to exhale – whether the news is good or bad.


D20 was waitlisted as well but accepted at Middlebury. Probably won’t request to stay on waitlist.

Daughter was waitlisted today - she is very disappointed. Does anyone know if you are less likely to get aid if you do get off the waitlist?

A few years ago @Lindagaf 's daughter got off the waitlist and if I remember correctly, she even got some merit money. She ended up pursuing other options, though.

With the current upheaval, I suspect that colleges will be going deeper into their waitlists this year. @calmprofnotmom if Oberlin is your child’s first choice, I would have him accept his place on the waitlist and not give up hope! I know a number of kids enrolled there, including one of my own, and it’s an amazing place for all sorts of creative endeavors. Classes are challenging and it’s a kind and caring place.

@CenterCityMom , my D was called from WL four years ago. I think it was May 2, so she must have been one of the first off the WL, and yes, they offered her merit aid. It wasn’t a huge amount, but enough to be enticing. Things may have changed a lot in four years, of course.

I was happily surprised to be waitlisted since I fully expected a rejection (Oberlin is a reach for me). I am definitely accepting a spot on the waitlist and I will be hoping for the best. This is my fourth waitlist so far.

Thanks to all - she has accepted a waitlist position. I read a blog from 2009 that detailed a list of addition things to do to increase your chances. @Lindagaf, did you do anything additional?

My D didn’t do anything for Oberlin. She was not that interested by that time, as she had other choices she preferred. As I said, she must have been pretty near the top of the pile when they turned to the waitlist.

However, she did follow up with two other colleges she was waitlisted at, including the one she now attends. Do have your D send a letter of continued interest. If she has any new updates, she should include them. Good luck!

Did everyone get the email this morning

@luca2fish What email?

I got an email from oberlin this morning at 908 am

Yes, we did - it said if there are available spots " offers of admission to students on the wait list will go out on a rolling basis between May 2 and July 1.

My child will be giving up their spot in business…good luck

Daughter got an email then a call today - off the waitlist and with enough aid to make it possible - yay!

Did you do anything special? Write a letter of continued interest, etc.

She did send a letter (actually an email) of “continued interest” back when she was first waitlisted but that was it.

Thanks! I did the same, showed lots of interest. Just want to make sure I’m giving it my best shot.

Are they still taking off the waitlist?

@luca2fish I do not know. But, they just announced details about the Fall in regards to COVID so their might be some shifting. It might be a good time to email or call to let them know if you are still interested in attending.