Parenting a potentially "gifted" child

This was me. I only learned how to focus, study and learn in law school. First year was humbling and very disorienting.


Addressing a few things:
-Again, we will not be able to afford a private school. So great in theory, but not practical unfortunately.
-Our school district has a TAG program starting in 3rd grade. We don’t plan on letting him skip more than a grade or two if he wants to. We do have neighboring districts we can look at.
-His dad and I are not perfectionists and he seems to be in a few things but not overall.
-He is SUPER social. Like I’m not sure where he gets it from but he loves interacting with everyone.
-He is musical so we’re encouraging that.

He’s now a few months past two and he’s reading a ton, doing math, etc. He’s not as advanced in language as a few here :person_shrugging:

I still hope he’s not super gifted but we’ll see.

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How does he communicate socially? Does he approach people while holding a toy, look at them, and hold it up as if asking them to play?

Does he tug on their shirt and point to the sand as if to say “help me build a castle”?

I am curious to learn how he displays social behavior, communicative intent etc given his language skills are reportedly delayed…?

PS- he sounds like a great kid!

I sent you a DM with info about a school that might be of interest when your son is older. They give good need-based financial aid (we received some) so it might still be something that is helpful when the time comes.

His verbal skills aren’t delayed anymore. They’re just not extremely advanced like some here.

He shares toys, reads to people, randomly decides to go play with groups of kids, asks for help, tries to engage random people in toddler level conversation, etc. He just has no fear of people and is happy to play with literally anyone.

Eta: fixed a typo. Said social skills, meant verbal skills


I would count those social skills as remarkable based on my observations of some “covid toddlers” I’ve been around. :grin::grin: Many young kids have had limited opportunities to develop those social skills and are playing catch-up now. I know you commented previously about the effect of covid isolation on your son’s development. The fact he’s doing all of that is noteworthy. Good job!


Honestly it’s like he wasn’t raised mostly in isolation. He’s been a social butterfly from the first time he was able to interact with other humans lol

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Continue to nurture his interests. When it’s time for school, see how he does in his neighborhood school. If he’s happy, you can meet any unmet intellectual needs through fun, but educational, family things … children’s museums, art museums, zoos, nature hikes, etc. If it seems like he needs more at school, you can try district of choice (my S was challenged in a neighboring district in a way he never would have been in our home district). If that doesn’t work - or if it’s just clear that he needs something different - that well known school for gifted kids in BH has a need based financial aid program that might be worth checking into. Because you are on top of this, I think he’ll be fine with whatever school situation is best for your family + the “outside” stimulation you will surely continue to provide. Allow him to pursue his interests as they surface, and let him move on when they no longer interest him. He sounds like he is self motivated, so just try to give him whatever books & experiences you can to help him explore his interests. It may become more challenging if he turns out to be profoundly gifted, but you can cross that bridge if you come to it.

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