Purdue University Campus Visits: Share Your Tips & Recommendations

Did you recently visit Purdue University? Share your experience with the community! Post your review in the comments below.

Some ideas for what to share:

  • When did you visit?
  • Where did you stay? Would you recommend it?
  • Where did you eat? Did you try any local specialties?
  • How did you get there? What’s the best transportation mean to get to-from the campus?
  • What was the campus vibe?
  • What did you think of the dorms?
  • What are some must-see things in or around campus?
  • How were the school facilities?
  • Did you like it more or less than you thought you would? Why?
  • Did anything surprise you?

We’d love to hear any tips or recommendations you can share for people planning their visit!

Just came back from visiting our D for her last show :slight_smile:

We splurged and stayed at the Union Club Hotel. It was wonderful! Purdue themed and right on campus in the Memorial Union.

Usually we stay at the Hampton Inn or the Hilton Garden on the river. We typically leave our car and just walk to/from campus.

8 Eleven Bistro in the Union Club has great food and drinks. We also like 9 Irish, Bistro 501, and East End Grill (the later two will require a drive into Lafayette).

We drove. If people need to fly there are shuttles from both Indy and Chicago O’Hare to campus.

My D lived in dorms for 3 years and they were great - well maintained, clean, and good study and hangout spaces.

Must see things on campus probably depend on intended major but for engineers - go through Armstrong, visit the Epic projects, walk the engineering mall, stop in to WALC, the CoRec, and eat in a dining hall.

Facilities are fantastic!

As the parent of a graduating senior, Purdue far exceeded our expectations in every way.

(As always, I’m happy to answer any Purdue related questions via PM).

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Visited many times since 2017, heading back for Freshman year-end pickup in a few weeks.

We typically stay at any of the many properties in Lafayette, near I-65. Arrival/departure is convenient, there are many places to eat, shop, etc. The trade off is the 16 minute drive (per Google) to campus twice a day, vs. properties closer to campus. I use Marriott points for stays, and any property is fine except the Four Points, which is to be avoided. I’ve stayed at most of the Hilton properties once or twice, and all are also fine.

Triple XXX (which is 9 X’s as my pedantic daughter points out) is the one local “special” eating location. Try going off hours as it can get crowded.

Car is the best way to travel. Indy and O’Hare are the big airports (1 and 2 hours) - shuttles are available, but a rental car can be cheaper when there is more than 1 person, and is certainly more convenient.

Dorms range from the typical college shoe-box dorm (Shreve) to very nice/modern (Honors dorm) to 4BR apartments.

Both of my kids were quite happy with the facilities - descriptions of the lab facilities made me jealous compared to my CMU days, but that was long ago.

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I have been going to campus multiple times a year since 2016.

The Union Hotel is lovely but pricey and the rooms are tiny. I only stayed there using points. Splurge at an off-peak time to get a better rate–it is a beautiful property. The deck outside the bar is surpringly secluded feeling.

There are all the usual chain brands out near I-65. Note that some properties will require refundable prepayment for popular weekends (Homewood Suites and Hampton Inn are two I have experienced). The Residence Inn, Home2, Drury and Courtyard are far enough from the highway exit to avoid noise and provide decent value aside from move-in, football and graduation weekends.

I stayed at Townplace Suites only briefly (abandoned after 1 night) because it was clean but run down and we woke up to police out front. Basically the hotels east of I-65 are a little more budget brands (2-star) than the ones west, although there are budget brands on both sides. All have you about 15 min by car through town to campus. Comments from many suggest the Four Points by Sheraton should be avoided. I have no experience there.

Incoming families frequently find hotels already booked when their students commit. Try Crawfordsville or Logansport if a chain is what you want. Indianapolis isn’t far either if you shoot down 65.

Restaurant wise you will find all the usual chains but there are some regional chains and independents to check out. Ripple & Co., Lafayette Brewing Co., Bru Burger, Revolution BBQ (and bakery), Walt’s, Nine Irish Brothers, Westside Diner and Christo’s are good and close to campus. People like The Bryant but I’ve never been there. There are also some good international places that look unassuming but have good food, like KIMCHI Korean restaurant in West Lafayette and Yatagarasu in downtown Lafayette. Baklava Plus rosewater cake, Red Mango Korean fro-yo, Mamma Ines conchas, Baked By Brittaney cheesecakes and Mary Lou donuts have all been first or last stops. Don’t be afraid to stray from the campus corridor—the Lafayette area isn’t huge but there are nice places to discover.

Happy Hollow park in town and Prophetstown State Park are nice to walk around. The campus golf courses and other public courses nearby make it worth bringing clubs once in a while.

Walking around downtown Lafayette is a nice way to spend an afternoon. Bookstore, chocolate shop/soda counter, NA beverage store, gift shops, cat cafe, jewelry stores, bars, markets and boutiques are in lovely old buildings.

It’s a quick couple hours to Indiana Dunes or Chicago. FlixBus, Amtrak or local limo/bus services will get you to and from Chicago from around $70 round trip and up. Flix and local transport services will get you to and from Indianapolis with regular service too.

I love walking around campus and the energy of the kids.

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