Rensselaer Medal

<p>A couple of quick questions... I probably sound really naive...
1. Does winning the Rensselaer Medal improve your college application in any way? I mean, is it seen as prestigous, semi-prestigous, or does no one know about it?
2. Can the $60,000 scholarship that comes with it be used in financial aid package negotiations with other colleges?<br>
3. What is the difference between EA, ED, and RD? Is there really an advantage in going EA?</p>

<p>Thanks A LOT in advance!</p>

<p>You can still get rejected even if you have the Rensselaer Medal (I guess that can answer your first question)... In order to get the Renssealer medal, the only thing you have to do is be lucky enough for your teachers in your school to nominate you and vwah-lah! you have it!</p>

<p>big long name? big load of cash? sounds good O.o , but i've never heard of it.</p>

<p>ah, to your last q:
ED - early decision: there's an earlier time period the college designates for you to file your application in. Generally, you can only choose one school to ED, and if the school accepts you you have to go; it declares your committment to the school and guarantees the school that you'll come = good for their yield. So yes, at some schools, ED can give you a good boost. I'd highly recommend this if you know your first choice for sure and are ready to file an application by the earlier deadline.</p>

<p>EA - like ED, but non-binding. Doesn't declare as much of a committment on your part,and doesn't guarantee them you'll go --> less of a boost. Some schools only have EA, however. Stanford,for example has 'SCEA' (Single Choice Early Action), a policy under which you can choose one and only one school to apply EA too (i.e. declares your committment / school = firstchoice),and this is pretty close to ED, except it's non-binding (you don't have to go if accepted.). From what I've seen at my hs, apping SCEA to Stanford helps quite a bit.</p>

<p>RD - regular decision. Applying during the 'normal' application round. Nothing special.</p>

<p>(sorry if that was garbled - typing fast as I head out for lunch)</p>

<li><p>About 2900 Rensselaer Medal's are given out each year. It's not extremely selective as you can see by the amount of winners. If a counselor sends in a school profile, the number one math/science student automatically gets the medal. It's at most semi-prestigious...</p></li>
<li><p>The scholarship can ONLY be used at Rensselaer polytechnic </p></li>
<li><p>already answered by mea</p></li>

<p>Link to web page that explains the Medal Program</p>

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<p>Though not a national competition, this medal is prestigious in a different way. If the school you attend is large and/or very competitive, being named the medal winner is quite an honor. The colleges to which you are applying take that into account--so it is more or less advantageous to your "awards" section on your application depending on the profile of your school. And...keep in mind that it is always great to have something very much based on your academic achievement in your "awards" corner!</p>

<p>Even though the scholarship can only be used at RPI, it probably could be used to negotiate some merit aid elsewhere. You never know until you try.</p>