RHIT 2024 Financial Aid / Merit Discussion

Packages are starting to be sent out today and I figured I would put up a discussion.

My son got his right before dinner. He did an overnight stay last week and a campus visit. Think it’s a done deal…

What’s a typical amount one can expect for a Female Merit Aid award? I’ve always heard RH is trying to get more women into the school. Is that reflected in the amount of merit aid they award female applicants?

Just curious if anyone is going to the Chauncey Rose Scholars’ weekend in March to compete for the Circle of Distinction Scholarship (or has gone in the past)? I’m trying to look up info on what to expect but can’t find much about this event anywhere…

My daughter was accepted at Rose. She has two male friends who received significantly higher scholarships for the class of 2024. Her GPA is higher and her dad is an alum? Confusing, not sure if she will choose Rose now?

I also have a daughter accepted to Rose. Can I ask what was the Merit award she received? And are you in IN or out of state?

I received a Rose Hulman Grant and a Merit Scholarship as a part of my financial aid package. I wanted to find out if these are renewable for all four years. Hopefully that’s the case. Anyone?

Yes, the merit and financial aid are renewable for all four years. I believe you have to refile the FAFSA each year to be eligible for the financial awards again though.

We got 15,250 Merit Scholar aid per year and still cost comes high per year. Is anyone successful in getting additional merit aid?

From what I’ve gathered from my friends and the financial aid office, the maximum merit aid offered this year was $23,750/year.

My son is a junior at Rose. He received a presidents merit scholarship from a competing university for 4 years without regards to parents financial information. Rose said they would match it. They did year 1. Tried to reduce in half year 2. After heated discussions they kept it and reduced it by 60% Junior year, just received. My advice is do not trust them as once a child experiences 1-2 years of school at a university, hard to transfer. My son has a 3.2 GPA at Rose. There were no stipulation on grades for either institution.