Rose-Hulman EA class of 2025 Decisions

Anyone heard back their admission decision from Rose Hulman? I applied EA to Rose-Hulman and am just waiting to find out. Post your admission decisions and thoughts here. Good Luck!

where’d you hear that? when I looked on the website ( it said Dec. 15.

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Website says Dec 15th.

My son just received his acceptance today via an email and portal! We were expecting a little longer wait but thrilled as it is one of his top choices!


I just got my acceptance letter as well! Anyone know how the school compares to larger public schools like UMich, UC Berkeley, or Georgia Tech? So excited!


just got in - super cool.


RHIT is a fabulous school, but not at the level of any of those universities.

Can anyone throw some light on when and how is the selection process for the Noblitt Scholars Program? (any information besides what is there on their website.) It does not clearly mention when will the selection be made for this program.

Also, when do financial aid and scholarship results release?

Do applicants have to apply separately for that program? I heard about it but never saw a formal application for it. I’m assuming admitted applicants are automatically considered?

There is no separate application. But I am not clear on when they inform the students.

My son just got his acceptance today for Computer Engineering.

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Son was accepted today. Major undecided.


Hey @Aksai108, was the major quoted in the acceptance letter ? Ours looked general.

No the major wasn’t specified. I didn’t think that was an issue with Rose like with even more competitive colleges.

Plus he applied only for 1 major I think.

Thank you. We also applied only for one major.

D21 accepted this morning for Computer Science.

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Daughter accepted today Engineering major. 3.9 GPA unweighted. 1600 SAT, 35 ACT, 8 AP’s, top 10% of her class (her boarding school does not rank). Academic honors in math and science. 4 year Varsity Crew member. Various leadership positions and community service.


My son was accepted this morning. Intended Major: Computer Engineering.