Rose-Hulman vs WPI

Career wise, hard to beat being in the eastern Mass area, IMO. I went to another school in Boston, and there was easy access to employers there. Had in-semester internships. Profs more likely to have industry ties. My son got into WPI. While we did not love Worcester, it is only an hour from Boston. Liked the school overall. He ended up at another tech school with a larger merit offer, but was considering WPI strongly.

Indeed! It looks like a strong and great school that has popped up a lot. She’s in a project based learning high school and has recently realized that she is ready to not have her learning be centered around a project…she had always assumed she would but while doing an in visit and seeing the groups being formed etc, it hit her that she has done this for four years now and wants something else. Saying this because it’s the first thing she saw on WPI. Either too much of a good thing or some failure at her school. Maybe WPI for the younger sister in a few years, I mentor her FLL team. Rose was a long shot visit and she felt home so then did Operation Catapult and she was happy every day, into everything they offered. No other university grabbed her like Rose.