Rose-Hulman vs WPI

Myvson has been accepted to both, ChemE. Now the decision FileMaker begins. He got a pretty good merit scholarship from WPI. We are still waiting for merit at Rose. I can see pros and cons for both schools, interested in thoughts about choosing between the two.

It’s pretty hard to just give you an definitive answer that one is better than the other, especially since I ended up choosing one over the other.

I was accepted to both WPI and Rose-Hulman. I visited both of them and wasn’t a fan of WPI after the visit. Have you visited both schools?

@Delons, he has visited both, and likes both for different reasons. Why did you ultimately choose Rose?

One big difference is that the gender ratio at RH is about 4/1 boys to girls, and about 2/1 at WPI.

Confused. Why would the more extreme ratio push you towards Rose?

Both are great schools. I think that WPI has a more “hands on” approach than RH. Terre Haute is a very desolate place. Worcester is far more cosmopolitan, in comparison.

WPI is less isolated.

My son has been accepted at both too. He also really loves Colorado School of Mines. We’re going to revisit them all. Any ideas when merit scholarships from Rose Human will come? The others have already sent theirs out.

@Active1, My son was accepted to Mines too, but he never visited. Top choices are Rose and WPI. I believe he received a letter from Rose, saying that financial package will come end of January. There is also the financial aid video chat on Jan 18th that we registered for. Maybe more instructions/information will come after that.

From their “what next?” e-mail:
“Speaking of financial aid, you can expect to receive your award letters by the end of January but prior to that we have a financial aid live video chat on Thursday, January 18 that can answer any questions you may have.”

From their “what next?” e-mail:
“Speaking of financial aid, you can expect to receive your award letters by the end of January but prior to that we have a financial aid live video chat on Thursday, January 18 that can answer any questions you may have.”

My daughter was also accepted into Mines but has a strong preference for Rose. She did Operation Catapult last summer and loved it. We are still waiting on Cal Poly and Olin. That said, if she gets enough aid, I do think Rose is her number one.
She loved Mines until she visited. She didn’t like the weed out classes nor the fact that you can’t really take any major specific classes til Junior year. She enjoyed at Rose the collaboration aspect. She also likes that it is a teaching University. Also as a girl at Rose, she didn’t think her ideas were dismissed or not listened the way she’s experienced it in high school.
Still we need to see what kind of financial package she gets. I’d hoped they would have it out mid January like they did last year.

@Kidoma, my son attended catapult too, and loved it. He is torn between RHIT and WPI. He has great merit offer from WPI. Waiting now on Rose’s numbers. He can’t go ring either way. They are both great schools.

I talked to Rose Hulman today and they said financial aid and merit scholarships will be mailed out Monday! Can anyone expand on the weed out classes at Colorado School of Mines? I thought that wasn’t an issue anymore.

Was he in the July session? I was so impressed with it. She loved all of it.

My daughter didn’t consider WPI or maybe it was too late. Now that robotic season is in full gear, nothing else exists but the bot(s).

Weed out classes as called by her friend, current student there, for Chemistry and Calculus that I can remember. I think said friend really discouraged my DD as he doesn’t like it there. Still she’s a rather independent thinker and the tour didn’t do it for her when she really really wanted to like it.


The Regular Decision deadline for WPI is February 1. See Robots, women in STEM and projects are all a very big part of what WPI is about! They are very close to 50/50 on the female/male ratio under the direction of very accomplished women scientists. This is very rare in the STEM field.

See and

Go bots and project education!

Class of '67.

DS was in the June session. He loved Catapult too. Definitively have your daughter check WPI as well. There is still time for RD. Great scholarships, especially for girls.

Thank you! I texted her the links on WPI but I think she’s more concerned with what mechanism should be used to pick up the blocks and if they really want to have pneumatics and to have a functioning CAD model by Friday. She did apply for the FIRST scholarship for RHIT as well. I’ll try to talk her some more this week. I like that WPI is more cosmopolitan and a more favorable ratio of girls/boys.

Also waiting on Olin school of Engineering and Cal Poly SLO.
She is in a Project Based Learning high school and is not sure she wants to do another four years of it…at least, it’s not a factor that excites her. She wants small classes, dedicated and accessible teachers, driven and collaborative peers.

Dean Kamen attended WPI while developing his first of over 400 patents. Dean is the founder of FIRST see He came to WPI for the laboratory access to design and test the first drug infusion pump. He left school with his invention. The faculty tried to talk him into staying, but he had bigger fish to fry. :bz