SDSU Admissions Class of 2026

It just sounds like they resent information because the links weren’t working.
My D has received the same. I thinks she’s enjoying the attention.


Does anyone know when I should expect to hear back from SDSU if I applied through the student SASC?

If you did not get an early acceptance in December, then your decision should be posted in Early March.

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I’m sure there are many factors to those early decisions. My son’s close group of friends has four applicants with very (comparable) high stats and many accolades, one of them received a December decision, the other three will be getting their decisions in March.

Obviously SDSU knows what they are doing. At least in my son’s school, the kids who got in, shrugged and started their wait for the UC decisions. Interesting to see how many enroll after the december decision.

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My niece did the same thing but ended up enrolling at SDSU and will graduating in May. She thought she would have better choices with the UC’s but SDSU ended up being her best choice.


Same exact scenario with my daughter last year. It wound up being exactly the best place for her. She’s thriving at SDSU. Love how things just worked out the way they needed to.


SDSU is still releasing early acceptances. My kid got her notification of acceptance today, while a few of her friends did so in December.


Thanks for the update and congratulations to your student. This is probably due to the extended application deadline since this was the case last year.

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I suspected as much. She is are all in the same ballpark as her friends academically speaking, high grades, multiple APs, ELC and Statewide Guarantee for the UCs.

Congratulations! Did she by any chance have a unique major?

Just read that SDSU received more than 99,000 applications for the fall of 2022, a record for them.


D22 still has the below message.
Admission decisions will be available in March.

could you provide her stats? It seems to be so random!


On the surface, it may seem random but with 99K applications to review, there are always more qualified applicants than spots available.

Also, College Confidential is far from representing the overall competitiveness and academic stats of the applicant pool.

As I stated above, due to the extended CSU application deadline, some early January acceptances were also posted last year. The rest of the applicants will hear in March.

Do not worry, I have found that each student will end up where they meant to be. I know, easy to say but at least in my personal experience as a CC poster going on 8 years, it has been true.


They will have an obviously lower acceptance rate this year, then. CA school acceptance rates are getting lower and lower. Best of luck to everyone who has applied.


Yes! I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for your insight.

If you are into statistics:

76,792 of the 99,000+ applications are for Freshman. Last year they had 67,602 Freshman applicants and accepted 25,610 for a 37.8% acceptance rate. The acceptance rate for 2020 was 36.6% so 2021 was just slightly higher and 2019’s acceptance rate was 34.2%. 2020 had less applicants than 2021 and 2019.