SDSU Admissions Class of 2026

i’ve been in the wave with kids 3 times in the last 4 years and the “stats” angle did not apply consistently for CA kids.

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Thank you! I think she applied as a Political Science major?

I am not one hundred percent sure, but I think it was unweighted 3.97, weighted 4.34. 6 APs, in state, not local admission area.

We had two kids from our OOS high school get accepted in December - mid to low 20’s on the ACT and no AP classes.

SDSU is test blind so the ACT scores would have not been considered in their admission decision. Also OOS applicants are in a different application pool than in-state CA applicants.

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so what do they consider? One of the mothers told me SDSU didn’t ask much for club/activities/honors either?

The most important factor is the CSU capped weighted GPA. They also consider the Math GPA for STEM majors, HS course rigor in the context of what is offered at the HS, # of a-g course taken above the 15 course minimum, residency, first generation.


Yes, the Cal States definitely consider socioeconomic and ethnicity as a priority in selections. Daughter has 4.2 GPA almost all APs and Honors. White and far from first generation, (her great-grandmother went to Brown!). Not expecting her to get into any of the cal states she applied to. Most likely will be paying private school tuition here! :smiley:

and I completely agree @Gumbymom , she will find her place wherever that may be!

Socioeconomic factors are considered. Ethnicity is not. Public colleges in California have been banned from doing so for decades.

I’m not sure about that. SJSU for instance uses an impaction index that doesn’t have any race related variables at all. The only difference is a slight GPA bump given to disadvantaged people. What major is your daughter applying to? If her CSU GPA is 4.2, she should have a great shot at most places assuming her major is not CS.


A good summary of what each campus considers:


My daughter’s best friend received early admission to SDSU and is white as a lily and not socioeconomically disadvantaged at all. Dad is a lawyer for a big tech company. Her GPA was in the 4.3 range which seems to be what the early admits all have in common. Your daughter will be admitted.


Yes, major is definitely a big factor.

Agreed. My S22 is neither white nor POC but had a 4.35 and was a December admit to CS, arguably the toughest major on campus. 4.2 is a solid GPA and should net a bunch of admits.