SDSU Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

Does anyone understand the Cal Grant award. I just checked my info and I not getting the $5742 amount, but the other one that says freshman year. I don’t understand.

Are you getting Cal Grant B which is only the living allowance for the first year?

If you feel your grant amount is in error, contact the financial aid office as suggested in the last link.

Best of luck.

My daughter revived cal grant aid and she created the account etc but we can’t figure out how to link it or get it to show up with SDSU…I guess we need to make a phone call. It’s doesn’t say A or B just the amount $5742 per year. So confusing for us.

Yes it says Cal Grant B. But A would be better and then change it to B next year. Also what if next year I don’t get the cal grant, the A is more money right now.

The cal grant is not showing up in my financial aid either. I don’t think it does until after High school graduation (that part is showing as pending)

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Your Cal grant funds are sent to SDSU. They can repackage them and add aid to them, but the funding should be listed as a cal grant.

Contact the FA office. It may be an estimate amount until they receive the funds from the State, so they may not be able to list it officially as a Cal Grant yet.

So I noticed on the portal the link for WL doesn’t show up anymore, and the Admission Status Date changed to March 17, 2021, which is the date my D accepted the WL. What does that mean?

We have the same changes. I think it’s just because the last day to add yourself to the waitlist has passed now, so that’s been removed from the portal.

Is the date the same date as your denial/WL date?

Yes - March 17, 2021.

Hi y’all, I could really use your opinion! So, as of now I am committed to SDSU, but I’m waiting to hear back from UCSC about whether I got admitted from the waitlist. I just realized that I need to find a roommate by May 31st at SDSU in order to fulfill the second half of the housing process. I would really rather not go random when choosing a roommate because I want to get to know my roommate and make sure they’re a good match. HOWEVER, since I am waiting on UCSC, it might be a better idea since I won’t be messing with anyone’s housing plans too much. Or should I try to find someone through Facebook? I just don’t know what the best decision is, because while I’d rather go to UCSC, I want to make sure I’m prepared for the situation where I end up at SDSU. Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I’m dealing with the same issue with Stanford. I’ve been trying to find a roommate on the Facebook pages and such but honestly right now I’m leaning towards going random so even if I do end up messing with someone’s housing plans they would have already been cool going random so it shouldn’t be as hard. That’s just my personal opinion though! You could always tell people you potentially room with about your situation. :slight_smile:

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My D is WL at SDSU and she keeps getting emails that she can re route her application to other CS’s. Is anyone else getting those emails as well?

Was your daughter accepted to any other CSU’s? If a student applies to the CSU’s and they are not accepted by any, their application is redirected and this includes waitlisted students.

She applied to SLO and SDSU only. Only WL at SDSU. You had mentioned she has a good shot at the RE Major, but she got WL’ed. I know its highly unpredictable. Hoping she gets in.

Yes, my daughter did that and was accepted at Monterey. My understanding is it doesn’t impact your waitlist status. She’s still waitlisted at both Cal Poly SLO and SDSU, but it gave her a back up just in case.

@Luckgal23. If she did not get into Cal Poly SLO and waitlisted at SDSU, then her application was redirected. Yes, a very unpredictable year with no guarantees along with record # of applications. Wishing your D the best of luck and hope she has another good option elsewhere.

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Interesting… my son applied to Sonoma State as a safety school. Maybe if I had known they did this (i.e., he also applied to SDSU and was accepted), we could have saved the application fee. I will say that it was nice to get an acceptance letter from Sonoma about a week after applying. They have done the most followup of any university. They even called once.


We didn’t apply to any Cal State safeties because we knew about the redirection. BUT, I will say when she was waitlisted everywhere, that caused a lot of stress and drama because while we knew you could get redirected if you were rejected, we weren’t sure about waitlists. And it would have been nice to receive a straight-up acceptance in-state so she wasn’t feeling optionless. So, you did the right thing, @pbcparent ! And I have learned for my next kid in a couple years!

(She ended up committing to Hawaii, but is still secretly hoping she comes off the SDSU waitlist, I think.)

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Sonoma has the advantage of being a lot closer than UC Riverside, where he was accepted and SIR’d. He could still come off the UC Davis waitlist. We had a chance to walk around both UCR and SDSU last month, and it didn’t change his mind. People seem to like SDSU a lot more for some reason and complain about UCR. I guess it is relative to expectation. SDSU has a nice campus, but it felt a little small to me (I went to a land grant university with a giant campus).

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