Should I take APPM Calculus 2 or MATH Calculus 2 at CU Boulder?

I have taken algebra, trig, calc 1 and calc 2 at a Community College. I am attending CU Boulder to double major in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering. Will APPM or MATH will be more useful? Is there a difference in difficulty? Does one benefit over the other?

If you have taken calculus 2, why would you take calculus 2 again, instead of going on to calculus 3?

It looks like the APPM and MATH calculus 1, 2, 3 courses cover basically the same material.

It’s recommended by the school to take the last math course you took in high school since it’s “different”.

Why not try the old final exams for CU Boulder’s calculus 1 and 2 courses to see if you really need to retake them, or if you know the material well enough to move on?

Here are some old exams for the CU Boulder calculus 2 courses (MATH 2300 and APPM 1360):

More CU Boulder APPM course exams:

do you need to take ap calc to increase chance of getting into cu boulder engineering??

First-Year Student Selection Process | University of Colorado Boulder does not specifically say.

However, if you complete precalculus in 11th grade or earlier, it is best to choose calculus in 12th grade if available. Opting out of calculus in that situation may be seen as a negative for engineering admissions at some colleges.