SNU admissions 2016 fall (Seoul National University)

Hello, I am a senior and is applying to SNU for the fall.

I am currently thinking of applying to liberal studies- those who have any information regarding SNU please reply!

Here are my specs:
-GPA: 4.38 (weighted), 3.97 (unweighted)
-SAT: 2140 on one sitting
-AP: 11 APs total, (I have not taken four AP exams- I will be taking them this year)
-Calculus BC:5
-Chemistry: 4
-Biology: 4
-Statistics: 3
-Physics 1: 3
-English literature and comp: 3
-TOEFL: 114

-Math Club Founder and President (10-12th)
-MUN member (9-12th)
-Under 15 Volleyball team (9th)
-Capstone Service Project 15 hours
-Overall Community Service 105 hours

I realize that my AP, SAT, and TOEFL scores are relatively weak. I am planning to take the SAT again on January 23rd and hopefully would get 2300+
Aside from the SAT score, these will be the scores that will be sent to SNU. (not planning to send AP scores with 3)

Are my chances of getting accepted slim?

  • (any info abt SNU would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: )

I think you have a solid shot at SNU if you get that SAT score up to 2300+.
Are you planning to apply to any US schools?
And are you fluent in Korean?

I am not planning on applying to US schools because I plan on living in Korea for the rest of my life. Koreans generally give more credit when you graduate from good Korean unis.
Most realistically I would get somewhere around high 2200s… I think Korean isn’t the problem (I’m a Korean after all…)

On what basis are you saying that I might have a chance if I get a good sat score? What unis are you applying to?

I am asking if you r applying to any US schools because I have some friends who actually transferred to Korean universities after sophomore year in US colleges. One of my friends are at Yonsei U. now, he used to go to University of Miami and he told me that it would have been definitely harder (more likely impossible) if he applied to Yonsei during his senior year in HS due to his relatively low stats compared to all the other applicants.
So Just wanted to let you know about another option…

And I heard that many international applicants admitted to top Korean universities have as high stats and SAT scores as those who get accepted to US top schools

Yup…any info about actual SNU admissions tho?

So do you currently go to high school in the United States?

I’m attending highschool in Thailand Bangkok… Does anyone have any info on SNU… :-S

Are you legally Korean, IE born there, parents citizens?

Not sure what you mean exactly by “legally” Korean. I am a Korean citizen and my parents are both Koreans…

…so I guess nobody has any info about Korean unis… great :((

well, koreans living in foreign countries for 12 years (or less i’m not sure how many) have advantage.

Hello everyone, I’m about to be a freshman at SNU starting next month and I’ve been looking through some forums for some more information on the school. To quickly answer a few simple questions:

@AriaSalvatore is correct, Koreans who have studied abroad for 12+ years have a slight advantage, but the competition is still very high as more and more of these students are applying to SNU.

Generally, I would say at least… 7 APs with scores above 4, and a SAT score above 2250 would be a basic guideline for the minimum specs to apply to SNU and have a decent shot. Activities are good, but not as important for SNU. As long as you have a few that you focused on and excelled at, don’t worry. The essays are quite important so make sure to put in a lot of effort on those. The actual application process to SNU is pretty complicated as an international student because of all the files you have to send in, and the certifications you have to get from the embassy.

Also, I was accepted to the college of liberal studies, if anyone wanted to know :slight_smile:

Oh, wow you got into liberal studies? I got very low in my SAT score-it was way lower than what I expected. Its 2170 and I currently have two 5s and two 4s for AP.

The only thing I am somewhat confident is my GPA (4.38, unweighted= 3.97). I also took all the physics, chemistry, and biology course offered by my school.

I did 3 years of MUN and two years of Math club and about 140 hours of community service.

I applied to Chem and bio engineering, what are my chances, you think?

well… I think the discussion is dead… wtv, I already applied- no need to try and predict what the result will be. Just hope that I am good enough

Sorry to revive but I am currently a junior and I’m thinking about applying next year but I came to the US after completing 1st grade in Korea. Their rule for international application is that I have to complete all my education at non-korean schools… will they allow me to still apply, since I just completed ONE year in korea?? :frowning:

Also, you hear that it’s super hard to get into from Korea but I hear it’s easier than normal from international.

No, what I’m saying is that it is still hard as international students to get into Korean top unis. It is much easier as international students to get into Korean unis than normal Koreans.

And no, you won’t be able to do international application since they only pardon up till half a semester. As much as it sounds disappointing, I’m very sure about this fact since I once wondered about the same issue.

Seoul National University looks more towards GPA rather than SAT scores. I called admissions and what they told me was that due to cheating affairs (especially in China), they consider SAT scores fairly unreliable. In a YouTube video from SNU about admissions (forgot the link), they look primarily at GPA, then extra-currics/recs, then SAT scores. A sibling of mine got in with a 2300+ and apparently his score is among the highest of the international students at SNU, if that gives you any perspective.

Also can we talk about how the admission decision is released so dang late? ugh

hahah you say that SAT scores are less important yet your brother who got accepted had a 2300+… well maybe SAT scores were more important when your brother went in.

ikr xD it’s released friggin near May… Glad results are coming out tomorrow tho. Can anyone who gets accepted reply to this thread??

I will post my result too just for other people who want to get in SNU.

I also took TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean <— not sure abt this) about a month ago and got level 6, highest level.