SNU admissions 2016 fall (Seoul National University)

Nope, got rejected. Apparently I’m nowhere good enough for SNU. Everybody who reads this thread should be aware that a 4.38 GPA and 2170 SAT, two 5s and two 4s in AP 114 Toefl is nowhere good enough to get you into SNU.

I’m not sure what the main cause for getting rejected was, but I’m sure it’s a conglomeration of various factors. Whatever the cause was, I admit that my SAT and Toefl score were not top-tier, although they weren’t horrible.

So, once again, I got rejected. Everybody who sees this should set me as an example and compare my stats with his/hers to get an idea of what getting accepted to SNU would take.

Frankly, I’m quite disappointed- thought I could get in somehow. But I realize that my anticipation was delusional and I got to learn a lesson on humility.

Hi uzi618,
You are well within ranges of getting into SNU. You are well qualified which means that you stand a good chance of getting into one of the other SKY colleges. Don’t be too devastated because college admissions is a crap shoot. Perhaps because of this situation, you get to experience much bigger things and get into a school where you will achieve greater things.
I’ve also applied to SNU for the fall semester but I have yet to check my results because I don’t have my application number with me at school. I hope everything goes well for the both of us!

Thanks for the encouragement. Did you get accepted?

hey @uzi618 dont worry! i was rejected by snu med too haha. did you apply to any other korean schools or are you heading towards the states?

I was wondering have you tried applying to Yonsei or Korea University? I wanted to know if scores like that will be accepted to either both of that unis as they say yonsei and korea is (way)not sure easier to get into than SNU?

@KimDoYun i only applied to snu and korea university. i was admitted to korea uni but not snu.

@icandodis hey thx for replying but if you’re okay or if it’s not rude to ask, can i have info on what did you get on your SAT and your GPA to get admitted to Korea uni as I am planning to apply to Yonsei Uni as an international student and people say that they have almost similar requirements. This is to compare or to give an idea where it is safe to stand. Please, i would really appreciate it if you can reply.

yeah its ok
i got 2370 and am the valedictorian of a class size of 51 haha. i also got into an ivy so im not sure whether imma go to korea uni or the states yet :confused: tbh ku was really weird this year. my friend with a 2280 and decent gpa didnt get in but my other friend with 2030 and low gpa got in so idk what standard they have. are you a korean who studied overseas for 12 years?
feel free to ask any other qs :slight_smile: im glad to help out a fellow korean

@icandodis In fact, yes I am half Korean and my family has been living outside for my whole entire life attending international school with Cambridge curriculum. But I am not a great Korean speaker so I’m more like a foreign student than a Korean. See, I have been reading forums left and right and most of them said that it is relatively easy to get into Yonsei as an international student and it’s whether you have the money or not. But then you stating that your friend who got an SAT of 2280 did not get accepted probably means that it’s not easy (unless admitting to Yonsei is easier) so is Yonsei thing actually true?

Oh btw I’m trying to apply to Yonsei school of business, so not sure if the requirement to get accepted is easier than science/engineer course or it’s just the same

@KimDoYun ahh yeahh i thought youd be korean bc of your last name haha
dont worry about not being a good korean speaker bc apparently all the textbook are in english at ku :slight_smile:
are you currently a junior or senior?
tbh idk bc i have two sunbaes who got in yonsei but rejected from ku but i have another sunbae who didnt get in yonsei but got in ku. i think its random. yeah my friend with 2280 also applied to yonsei and i believe results come out in june so i hope she gets in. idk if youre thinking about yonsei underwood but i heard underwood is a LOT easier to get in. except students at yonsei look down at underwood and dont consider it part of yonsei or sth im not really sure haha

@icandodis I am a junior and nope, im not thinking about yonsei underwood international college but the yonsei school of business(Undergraduate). Well the reason im not looking into the underwood is that they only provide Economics, International Studies (social science thing & i am not sure if it is the proper thing to take if i am aiming for the business course), and Integrated Social Sciences. They have nothing that provides business majors like management, finance, marketing, etc that i wanted. So yeah im not pretty sure if the school of business will be as easy as UIC to get into. If yes then i guess im in luck.

btw thanks for taking your time replying, really appreciate it

@KimDoYun np man i wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors :slight_smile:

@icandodis Hey, sorry for bothering you again but do you know if it is easier to join the business course than the science/engineer course as an international student or is it just the same for Korean universities like Yonsei or KU?

hmm im engineering so i dont know much about business but one sunbae ik got in yonsei economics but rejected from ku!!
btw if youre thinking about working in korea id say dont apply for business bc its really hard to get a job :confused: the sunbae ik says that everyone in his major is struggling rn

@icandodis thanks for the additional info! but don’t worry, I’m not going to work in Korea. I’m planning to go back and work in Indonesia after I finish my master’s degree in business(that is if I am admitted ㅠㅠ)

@icandodis Hey again (sorry if im asking too many questions), i am wondering if you know anything about cambridge curriculum (IGCSE, AS level, A Level), would korean universities like KU or yonsei bother looking at the IGCSE scores(So are they that important to them) or only the AS & A Levels? (fyi IGCSE is the exam you take during your secondary)

@icandodis hey, I plan to apply for med schools for the next round (전기모집). I’m thinking of applying to Yonsei Wonjoo Campus med and Korea med. What about you?

@KimDoYun nahh i dont know much about that sorry :frowning:
@uzi618 HEY ME TOO!! i just dont know where i should go for first semester.

@KimDoYun btw are you doing ap or ib? im not sure about yonsei but i heard snu values ib more (rumors, but still) so it might be worthwhile to do ib :slight_smile: and HAHA IT’S OKAY feel free to ask any more questions. i have a badcase of senioritis so i dont even care about aps anymore even though it’s ap week hahahha

@icandodis what do you mean you don’t know where to go for first semester? Anyway I’ll end up competing against you which looks bad for me :frowning:

I also checked Yonsei Wonjoo but it seems like they haven’t released the application forms yet…